Kohinoor Singh – Model Turned Ani Turned WIFE?

Kohinoor Singh is was a happening model once, she was featured in many music videos and her name was closely linked with Nabin K Bhattarai, mostly because of her appearance in his music videos. Rumor has it that the duo had something growing between them. Moving on, the hottie made headlines when she turned into Ani Losang Dolma and led a life which was far from the glitz and glam which the people had gotten used to see. 

Now where is this Ani? Few years ago CyberSansar reported seeing Kohinoor Singh at a department store nursing a baby, the post was titled ANI WITH A NANI. Amusing, I nearly laughed but not quite. Few reports  suggest that Kohinoor who was born Deepa Singh to an Indian father and a Nepali mother has turned into Deepa Golyan and is now married to a Marwadi family. Deepa/Kohinoor/Ani/Deepa is believed to be one of the few directors of Shankar Group Company. If all the reports are to be believed then Kohinoor surely has an amazing story to tell. 
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  1. A lot of people are saying that this is just a publicity stunt.
    Ani: Yeah… I know. But it’s nothing like that. I mean I didn’t even tell anyone about it for a whole month but people found out and startin writing about it. I was already popular model so I don’t think I had to shave my head and wear a robe for publicity. If it was about fame then I could have done a lot more I think… but I left that all. In fact publicity is one of the things I gave up. When a person is born, s/he doesn’t relly know what /he will grow up to become. You just learn things along the way and become who you become. But no, not an Ani for publicity.

  2. i know her from a long time. she used to live in a rented house in sanepa around my house. she is a whore. she used to go out with a model guy, everyday different guys used to pick her up and drop late at night in a bike and at the same time she found another murga MARWADI for money and go out with him too. then she dumped him MAADE and married someone else. MAADE went crazy after finding it hard to digest. i think this is the same MARWADI she end up marrying now.

  3. Whore? That’s a big word. I didn’t like it whoever wrote it. I know her very well she is very talented & good person. If she is beautiful that is not her fault . I’ve a advice for u in this word nobody is perfect & u need to learn hw 2 respect a women… Bakwas manche…

  4. Why in the hell would you tag her as “Whore”, She is a normal girl and she is free to do as she wants. She ain’t your sister or mother. She is free to date or go out with who she likes. Narrow minded people are the worst in this Nepalese community and in the country.

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