Music Video From Sikkim!

Check out the recently released music video for ‘Yo Samay’ by Leezum Bhutia. This is the second release from the Bhutia’s debut album ‘Kina Kina’. I’m taking a liking towards the video which was filmed and made in Gangtok, Sikkim. It looks nice right? O and the girls and boys of Gangtok! They look FRESH! PREEETTTYYYY! Loving it totally, a very innocent video.

Euta kura, 2:19 ma when Pema texts saying come to ‘smile land’ is a bit funny. Like, seriously is the place called SMILE LAND? Sounds funny but then again it probably brings a smile on your face ; )
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. well the video concepts looks like it got inspiration from :”Choodi jo khanki haathi mo” and ” Baby Baby” by Justin Bieber but oh well the cute boys and girls make it up and the gal looks so nakkali hahaa..

  2. Hi guyz, i’m so glad that you liked the video. I’m a part of the team that made this video. Let me inform you here Lex that the female lead of the video is from Darjeeling. The rest are all from Gangtok and ya, they’re all gorgeous! :)Also,the place is really called smile land :):)
    PinsAndLife said that “the video concepts looks like it got inspiration from :’Choodi jo khanki haathi mo’ and ‘ Baby Baby’ by Justin Bieber.” Well i am the one who made the concept 😉 and i seriously have no idea what ‘Choodi jo khanki haathi mo’ is. When you say that it looks like a bit of Justin’s video, it does ring a bell. Especially during the freestyling part but honestly i did not think of either while penning down the concept.
    Its just a simple concept where a girl is surprised by her friends with a secret birthday party. We added a lot of fun, young people and pretty things to it.
    MAARK PICTURES,(My production house) will come out with many more such music videos. Please be on the look out for them. Thanx again 🙂

  3. yahhhh it soo awesome…and im the unlucky one here…coz i was to style them all beautiful ladies but had to leave gtk for Sakewa Celebration elsewhere…
    Sneha Rai, uv done the Rainis proud…and Aie Tshring Leezum…you are the best…feels proud to be a Gangtokian…

    loving it.

  4. mmm…i’m not trying to be a dick but it looks smthn like my 10yr old sis would watch! & i assume the fat chick wearing the black dress is Ms.Bhutia, well she could put a lil bit of effort into it, she looks like she’s having trouble jiggling around! the only thing i thought worth watching this vid was the leading chick..she looks okay-ish whereas others were an eyesore, well i hope the boys’ll find them attractive!
    I read the comment of that chick who claims to be a part of “the team”, it saddens me to hear that she was inspired frm other vids n therefore somewat made it similar! cant we nepalese come up with smthn original for once? is our creativity so limited? well think abt it & next time do u’re homework n come up with smthn “original” so that u can look back n say with head held high “remember that vid. , that was MY idea, i MADE that” & remember “bad artists, good artists steal” !!! i really hope u dnt take it the wrong way, i’m jst trying to help & i hope u undstand my frustration on this kinda subject!

  5. this is a very well made video. simple and you feel good when you watch. felt like i was a teen again. birthday girl and her ahem guy, they are so cute, good acting too. love ms bhutia’s voice

  6. To the guy who said “I’m not trying to be a dick…”- LOL! Oh how the world revolves around irony!

  7. @ Anonymous who was not trying to be a dick (but ended up being a major one)- 1st of, i have a name. Its given bold and clear- PRIYA. Its not “that chick who claims to be a part of “the team”. Please read the comments clearly before you try to comment on anything. I’ve clearly stated in my earlier comment that “i did not think of either while penning down the concept.” Since a dumb buffoon like you didn’t understand what that means, it means that i wasn’t in anyway inspired from any vids. The idea was original! See who the 10 year old kid is now? not understanding a simple comment. so, nothanx for ur unnecessary concern on how i should feel after making a video but m already saying, “remember that vid? that was MY idea, i MADE that”. Damn! i’m so proud of this video. I can say with conviction that its unlike the old nepali videos. Its young, modern, different contemporary and breaks away from the mould of the old nepali songs.
    So glad tht ur 10 yr old sis would be interested in da vid but a lot of people of other age groups too relish this video. There are a lot of facebookers and youtubers who’ve watched, re-watched, liked and commented on the vid and i assure you, they’re not all 10 year olds haha. The fact that you call the cute lead okay-ish and other pretty girls an eyesore, shows us how far fetched and untrue your observations are.
    And ya, if you claim 2 b “frustrated” n serious about the fate of nepli cinema and all, be bold enough to reveal ur identity as u voice your opinions. The fact tht u’re hiding ur identity wen u write all these phony things shows what big coward u r.

  8. The second part of my comment, i’ve dedicated specially to my childhood friend and the singer of this video, tshering leizum bhutia.
    You’re special and talented. Thats the reason why you’ve come out with this fabulous album and are making music videos one after the other like crazy 🙂 do u think every 1 would be able to do that? damn! i wish i had that voice of urs and there r countless other young girls wishing like crazy that they had voices like yours. You were always special from childhood days. The very intelligent one. You never had to work hard but always amazingly came out with soaring marks. We always knew that there was something special about you.
    I told you honey before we did the vid that there would be a lot of criticism no matter what the video looked like. B strong and keep your head held high coz the criticisms mean that we’ve actually done something right for all the people to sit up and notice it.
    I really dont care about what fraustrated, perverts think you look like. i think you look beautiful. Your smile is amazing and ur laughter enlivens the entire room. You’re wholesome, big and beautiful. Be proud of it. You’ve just started with your first album and look at the waves you’ve already started creating. I know for sure that you’re gonna go really high up. Im so proud to have such a talented and beautiful friend like u.

  9. And for chrissake, its just a simple concept where a girl is surprised with a secret birthday party by her friends. I dont get what all the fuss is about??? haha
    I knowingly kept the concept simple and minimal telling tshering leizum bhutia that we’ll concentrate more on the visual appeal. i.e filling the video with lots of cute things, pink stuff, pretty girls and picking locales like paljor stadium, smile land etc that would look good onscreen.
    If people find similarities with other videos i really cant help it but MY CONCEPT WAS ORIGINAL. The simple simple idea germinated in my head and we all worked to get it onscreen.
    All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or any resemblance to any other music video is purely coincidental. Amen to that!

  10. @the Anonymous Dick: keep trying, for all you know, you may just enter the hall of fame of sucking (no pun intended).

    i think it was a fabulous video.:)

  11. its damn cute…and it doesn’t really look like any other earlier video…and really Justin Beiber is a whole different class of YUCK…and this video is nothing like that…tshering leizum bhutia you have a damn cute voice x

  12. keep nepal out of this.specially if u are the artist. dont talk crap abt our political situation cuz no matter what we don’t survive on charity from the central government and at least we have an identity and our own country… and remember ur still singing in our language!
    P:S im not the same “anonymous” but i do think this video was really sad but then that’s just my opinion don’t make me right but it certainly doesn’t make me wrong!
    Jai Nepal!

  13. Well Mr.Anonymous lets begin with if you had the ‘dick’ you wouldn’t have commented as anonymous. So my 10 year old sister thought it would be a great idea to call you Mr.Dick. So now you don’t have to try to be one, you already are! And the ‘fat chick with the black dress’ has created the video. And you know how? She has the talent to write, sing and play instruments. And there you are sitting sadly and getting frustrated on ‘these kind of subjects’ and talking about originality. When all you can do is… NOTHING!except post this lousy comment.Well I’m glad your eye got sore looking at the video.

  14. @anonymous 2 : sorry if u felt offended . but if u read clearly i have actually praised the country and its citizens. . . it was anonymous 1 who said nepalese people are lacking in creativity . . .
    i will delete my comment if it sounded wrong or offending in any way.

  15. @ anonymous: who was not trying to be a dick . . . well yes, i am the fat chick in the black dress 😛 thank u for ur criticism. i am thankful to 10 yr olds for watching my vid. cuz for me even if one person watches it, it is equal to a thousand blessings . i dont aspire to be a star or a supermodel . i just work towards getting my music heard and exercise my voice, but now i promise to work towards looking better too 😛 and no, i do not have trouble of any kind, doing the jiggy-wiggy 😛
    living in a small place like gangtok with limited resources and exposure, we are proud of what weve produced 🙂 and we are definitely open to all kinds of criticism and compliments too . hehe 🙂

    @lex . . .thanks for the post 🙂
    @all . . .thank you . . . <3

  16. Please do not associate Sikkim with Nepal. Sikkim is a tiny little state in a giant India and Nepal well,sadly a country which has no future prospect of growth. Half of the countries population migrate to the first world countries.Parents struggle to make a living and kids well what can i say, Half of em wants to study fashion and other half studies media and ultimately ends up working in tesco.The coolest thing for them is to attend a Nepali party in some shit corner of London with a shit DJ, where the club is half the size of the people attending.

    I dont mean to be harsh but lets face it and you guys know it deep down too.
    We are not Nepali( Nepalese as u guys say it, sound fancy eh!!) We are Indians from Sikkim. We like to be kept away from being associated with you guys. Its a matter of shame cos we are much better off then you guys in every aspect of like and our parents are/were not in army serving British for half the wage and no social status.

    and tshring leizum and priya, amazing job girls !!!

  17. C’mon tshering u dnt need to be sorry. u need need their help to promote youself and one day when u’ll make it to bolloywood, they’ll b humming away your song. The comment above says we r using there language lol well hello British not American , American not british,ring any bells?? reality check here !!! My adivce for you is if u r so proud being Nepali, go back to your own county along with your grand parents(poor souls) and do smthing about it and not be a hypocrite !!!

  18. your lack of respect towards a country and its bad times just shows your class. to laugh and mock when ppl are down does not make u a bigger person. in all your superiority u should know that much at least. and yes nepali IS our language. which is why its called Nepali! and i hate to say this but since u have no respect u deserve none. other then Sikkim is there any where in your so called country(India) where they don’t treat u like a second class citizen? if ur so proud to be Indian then wtf is ur state fighting abt? honestly i dont know much and i really dont care to know much abt u ppl but u seem to have a grave fascination for my ppl and what they do and will do. tell me something…who the hell do u think does all your fighting for your country(India, and trust me i know a lotta Indians who will never recognize u as an Indian) we being so little and insignificant as u say… basically protect ur asses! don’t believe me??? 26/11 perfect example… don’t cry cuz ur at best nothing but a poor mans excuse for a Nepali. i know this blog is abt the video but no proud son of nepal will ever stand for a public internet bashing of his country.regardless of how small we may be and what u in your obvious ignorance think abt us we do believe we are good ppl and we are proud ppl!
    jai nepal
    P:S if u still think ur right then go fuck urself!

  19. excuse me, excuse me. i tried hard but i couldn’t refrain from commenting. well, firstly, i am neither from SIKKIM, nor from NEPAL. and i am proud to be a NEPALI as much as anyone of you. there, i said it, i belong to that tiny corner of the country where people are fighting every day to get recognition. i know what its like to live without one’s own identity and to be called a foreigner when you’ve been in this country your whole life. my mother is from nepal and my grandmother is from sikkim, so i guess i do have the best of both the worlds. thus, in a country like ours, where a nepali is looked upon with suspicion and mild hatred, i’d say that any job done to promote our culture and identity is a job well done. its not a question of who is more privileged than whom and what country u belong to. i mean c’mon, if that were the case, how else would you justify the winning of a lone Nepali contestant in an Indian singing competition when the chances of him making it even through the first round was slim enough? lets show some solidarity here, shall we? and yes, we are VERY VERY proud of our young soldiers at the front. Gorkhas make the bravest of all men, the whole world knows that. 🙂 so lets forget about boundaries for once and enjoy the music, which i still think is pretty awesome for beginners!! 🙂



  20. TO THE ‘DICK GUY’…..if u r so frustrated on subjects like these then i advice u not to even look up subjects related to ur frustration……instead of ‘dissin’ n criticisin, u should try something like, say ‘supporting ur nepali community’…..n u sayin things about being original n shit…..why dont u try doin somethin like this…n y dont u think outside ur small empty head n see wat its all about….f@#$in talkin abt bein original…dont b a bitch man, b supportive,n then mayb u can c better stuff comin up…dont f@#$ with others life man…jus stay out of it or get a life….our nepali community is jus startin to come up with things like these so refrain urself frm commentin such kind of waste…its jus the beginnin n wat they need is motivation n inspiration not criticism…..apart frm one or two people in the vedio i dont no anyone..n so m not writin on the basis of prejudice m jus tryin to let them no that there r people who support them…compromise n comply DICK…ltr u’ll have a lot of time too criticise on a lot of upcomin stuff…WAIT FOR THE INDUSTRY TO COM UP!!!! nway abt the vedio…its all too gud…lots of space to improve guys…..but still its way above expected n its fun 🙂 GO FOR IT…….

  21. @anonymous dick,1stly HA HA in your face…hope u feel happy nw bou watevr uve started in hea,.(quoting ur words) it is smthn “original” nw u dick can look back n say with head held high “remember that comment. , that was MY idea,..anyway we all have our reasons to take ur opinion in the wrong way,n no dick u wrent trying to help,n we do not understand ur frustration in dis kinda subject(hmmm maybe in a different subject though)ha ha…

  22. this video is realy cute and BRAVE and i am proud of my seniors…. tshering leezum ur voice is amazing and u are lucky to have such supportive friends… u have made sikkim proud!!!

  23. this video is realy cute and BRAVE and i am proud of my seniors…. tshering leezum ur voice is amazing and u are lucky to have such supportive friends… u have made sikkim proud!!!

  24. Hey Hey…no hating please! I love SIKKIM & I love NEPAL and TSHERING LEIZUM BHUTIA was NOT trying to be sarcastic. I guess it came out wrong but believe me, she wasn’t spreading any HATE. she is one of the most loving person i know. so PEACE PEACE PEACE!

  25. i agree with you Avvan nana…I LOVE SIKKIM…I LOVE NEPAL…I LOVE OUR CULTURE…So why fight among ourselves…
    the video is great…aie Leezum is THE BEST…
    and the DICK WITH NO NAME…just got “BITCH SLAPPED” (hai avvan nana!!!)

  26. Get your facts sorted first and then comment. this only splashes your ignorance all over the place. We are not figthting for anything, we dont want a seperate state and as far as the ‘aid’ goes its not an Aid , its a money that the central goverment has to give to all the state of the country every fiscal year lol, thats what it is. In return we give then a huge turn over of income and electricity. you people are the one living on aids from other country lol, got it maite? its counted as one of the poorest country in the world!!!
    And you use of obscene language only shows your class dude !!!

  27. mate??? do i look like ur mate u illegal monkey? so what r u done trying to be like us n now u wanna be “mate” now? just cuz u wash their dishes dont make u one of them but then again who can blame u??? u have no identity. like i said…90% of indians dont even consider u an indian. wats the word they have for u out there? chinky right? i always hated that word but on u it just has a whole lotta charm. sometimes a dog needs to know its place or they end up barking like u are right now. at least our highlight in life isnt a pair of superstar shoes! that too the fake ones u only get in your state. wats the matter my ppl beat u up a lot when u were growing up? oh wait ur still not grown up. ur lack of respect for anyone show’s it. and what was it u said?? ur superior? haha…in what? being a bitch? or looking like one? so what if we celebrate nepal parties? dont hate cuz u dont have a country biyatch! so what if a few of our ppl work at tesco? atleast they have the balls to do sumthing without their parents help… unlike every sikkimese alive our dream job is not our daddy making us a government officer n the only reason u even want that job is so u can make money under the table and go to ur so called clubs(which is more like a hen house or cock house in your case) and ur so called casino….hah! u and ur state are a joke not only to indians but anyone who knows u even exist…and trust me not too many ppl know abt a place called sikkim. atleast ppl recognize nepal. u speak our language u copy our names our style,well u try to atleast! even ur women prefer us to u and i dont blame them…come on compared to u and the men from your state your women are hot! and thats cuz most of them are nepali… like i said ur at best a poor mans excuse for a nepali…and u im guessing ur still a virgin who had his ass handed to him(and prolly still do) by nepali guys and since u cant do shit abt it in real life u decided to vent here and turn into a keyboard gangster! hey, as long as u got ur superstar on gay boy! ur suprior man! lol
    P.S: blow me wanker!

  28. oh and id rather be from the poorest country in the world then be a refugee in india. ‘nuf said!

  29. to the motherfucker who thinks sikkimese are better then nepali ppl. you live in london huh?so do we dont work at tesco but we will find you and show you why the gurkhas are so feared. we wont stop till we shut you up for good and btw i wonder what sikkimese ppl are famous for…oh wait…they’re not! dont worry…we’ll make a celebrity out of you.
    Gorkhali!(the real ones not a desperate sikkimese copy)

  30. knowledge is a tool to showcase the ability to analyse the concept which most of the extremely proud GURKHAS lack ….talking to a mirror for a reality check can be disastrous coz the nip-less ppl are anoying bunch of wannabe korean’s with the fact that their country is lacking behind in each and every possible thing in this so called planet Earth…Your ppl migrate to India to earn a living n hats off to those ppl as they slog their asses to earn a wage. So now you ppl shud stick up ur lil’ rotten brains to build up ur country rather wasting your time commenting on Sikkim coz we live our life in peace and proud to be an Indian with not so Hippocratic Nepali culture. \m/

  31. no ur a ‘tool’ lol read back u dumb shit! u started commenting abt us when i said keep nepal and its political situation out of this. atleast the artist was classy enough to apologize for the misunderstanding. ur not doing her any favors with your stupidity!u say ur proud to be an indian but no indian is proud to call u one. honestly, i do have a few good friends from sikkim and for their sake and for the sake of sikkim i hope the rest of sikkim is nothing like u. cuz if they are then as bad as u say our future is sikkim would be in the worst state ever if there were more like u. honestly u need to stop with this fascination for my ppl. its not go get some help! oh n yea… ur on a nepali’s blog and i seriously hope gorkhali finds u and puts u out of ur misery.
    Jai Nepal

    P.S ur still a bitch!

  32. Your really dont get my sarcasm do you. you say i am tryn to be one of you when i say mate. r u a Brit darling? or do u beg to be one. The second one sounds appropritae doesn’t it and what did you comment about our immigration status? we are illegal moneky huh, jus for your info we come here to study, mind you in a reputed university. most of the sikkimese here are in one of the russel group of Uni’s unlike u people we dnt go to franborough , aldershot or oxford brook uni(tryn to be sarcastic again. just incase you dont understand). We receive a good education and go back to our own motherland and live happily with peace and harmony.U all fought to get a permanent status here, in someone elses country. do u guys know nething else apart frm fighting? i guess noT. your ignorace is really crossing limit .When u said cleaning dishes u actually meant your people rite? hahaha i forgot to mention another job u guys proudly hold, security guard.Why are you desperatly tryn to compare Nepal with Sikkim in terms od clubs and casion oh ya i know y cos thats all u care about. Now i no y your country doesnt mover forward cos the youth of the country only cares about their looks and judge places based on the clubs and casino’s and since u have compared pls do so on the bases of entire nation.
    Go back to your own country fools, u wont be one of em by living here and putting up a fake accent.
    Ps: you have a rotten mouth lady!!!

  33. I don’t know why people don’t appreciate things that other people do. What I know for sure is that – if this was a video from nepal & song sang by the person from there it would have had all praising comments without any of the sikkimese people interfering. Unfortunately, what we see here is a very good video from Sikkim which these people from nepal are unable to tolerate the awesomeness of it. In UK people from nepal talk about racism but look here who is running ahead. What I have also noticed is that most of the people (not all – there are exceptions) from nepal living in UK have this habit of commenting on other’s behavior,work etc as they have nothing to do, so I think we Sikkimese people shouldn’t take it seriously coz they are no music directors and producers that we really need to discuss with. They are just a bunch of naggers who are trying to do their daily full time job (they have part time jobs elsewhere). So people from nepal – carry on with your full time job.
    People from Sikkim – Leave the kids alone, they still have much to learn.
    Lastly, all the best to people from nepal.

  34. good music video guys..would lov to hear more frm u..keep the spirit alive..
    jus ignore those wannabes..
    nepal is a lovely country.. enjoyin my vacations here..all u guys should visit once*..
    alrite my battery is running low.. will write back once i get this shit fully charged by 2morow night !i guess)…… oh fck where is the light switch.!!
    ohhhh daii..knock knock daiiiii….daaaiii..

  35. Hi u gurls, the hot priya and the tshering! the bold gurls! i am affectionate looking for partner, bery good talking n conversation…want to be my fraaaand??!!

  36. All you fucking perverts reveal ownself what really you are and all abouts… The way you fuckers acting in here on the page its quite seems that you fuckers are not more then lame as well..Go to hell fuck yourself all you Rajesthani dhoti morons….

  37. All you fucking perverts reveal ownself what really you are and all abouts… The way you fuckers acting in here on the page its quite seems that you fuckers are not more then lame as well..Go to hell n fuck yourself all you Rajesthani dhoti morons

  38. All you fucking perverts reveal ownself what really you are and all abouts… The way you fuckers acting in here on the page its quite seems that you fuckers are not more then lame as well..Go to hell n fuck yourself all you Rajesthani dhoti morons

  39. All you fucking perverts reveal ownself what really you are and all abouts… The way you fuckers acting in here on the page its quite seems that you fuckers are not more then lame as well..Go to hell n fuck yourself all you dhoti morons

  40. All you fucking perverts reveal ownself what really you are and all abouts… The way you fuckers acting in here on the page its quite seems that you fuckers are not more then lame as well..Go to hell fuck yourself all you Rajesthani dhoti morons….

  41. Priya or whatever fuck you are.. you must be Bahun i think so..if you are the same Dhoti Bramin(bahun) who migrated from india (rajesthan) to nepal and to sikkim in early days then i rather believe you must be not more then that same Rajesthani whores who give her dirty ass on paid….

  42. WTF….neither that fucking Indians accept us indian nor the nepali does the same..Now i think we are the only people after negros whos been to middle of nowhere……………fuck………… I think now we need our own country to fuck all this boundaries behind us…….

  43. WTF….neither that fucking Indians accept us as indian nor the nepali does the same..Now i think we are the only people after negros whos been to middle of nowhere……………fuck………… I think now we need our own country to fuck all this boundaries behind us…….

  44. ..the discussion is moot….the video is from sikkim…its not a communal or regional issue….music is supposed to bring people closer….only dumbasses try to make music a weapon to start a war…peace out…jai sikkim…jai nepal..jai what-ever-fuck….just enjoy the frigging song….its sang by one of the most genuine person i know and nothing else matters to me…

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