Purna Lama – The DANCER!

You guys have to see this! Straight from NEPAL (Sarlahi to be specific) – he is Purna Lama. He was a contestant for the NTV dance show Cham Chami and I am impressed! I thought dance show’s would just have the common choreography performed in the songs that we’ve all heard of but the performance above by Purna and Rajani Karmacharya is just wahhh!! They danced in such a melancholy song; Shayad Mayama from Sano Sansar and it was superb! O’ and the ending is so filmy, I likes! Totally felt like I was watching Dancing With The Stars (dance show in UK). Entertainment to the Max! Big Support for PURNA!

Watch his ‘Ka Bata Kachuwa’ Performance – Click Here 
Watch his ‘Chyante Mayalu’ Performance – Click Here
Watch his ‘Herana Herana Kancha’ Performance – Click Here
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  1. his contemporary performance was brilliant n the song as well gud the gal 2 showed some thrive over there 🙂

  2. Prashant Tamang’s face at one point was like “WTF? I don’t understand this at all… ummm… errrr… Huh???? How’d I get here??? Where am I???? Oh Shit!!! Not again!!!!”

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