Sambhidhan – What’s Happening?

Okay. If you are wondering what is happening with the whole sambhidhan issue then here’s what I know. The term has been extended for three months following a five-point agreement deal signed by the heads of three major political parties; UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress and CPN-UML.
Here’s an English translation of the deal.
We the political parties have reached the following agreement today, May 28:
  1. To complete the basic tasks of the peace process within three months
  2. To prepare the first draft of the constitution from the Constituent Assembly (CA) within three months
  3. To implement effectively the various past agreements reached with the Madhesi Front, including the one to make the Nepal Army (NA) an inclusive institution
  4. To extend the CA term by three months
  5. The prime minister to resign and pave the way for the formation of a consensus national unity government
I really have no idea on how things are going to shape every day for the next three months and after that. There is already mounting dispute regarding whether the PM should resign or not. Nonetheless the main thing is to keep building pressure on the Government for them to do something. Break this deadlock. 
Recently Madhav Kumar Nepal left for a foreign trip abroad and few hundred had gathered to protest outside the airport against the trip. The message is clear and simple, no foreign trips until the writing of constitution. 
lexlimbu lai pani lex gurung banayoo! Not Hyapppy! lol

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  1. Im scared that the constitution might be rushed and might affect the quality of the constitution.

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