Ramdev’s Recent Antics

My twitter timeline has been bombarded with tweets about Ramdev. I don’t know much about him apart from that he practices yoga on the Aastha channel right? He does that funky belly suck in trick. Anyways Baba Ramdev is making headlines in India currently for his hunger strike campaign to protest againt the government for corruption. This come’s after Anna Hazare’s successful hunger strike! It only takes one person then the whole herd of sheep follow. 
 Now the amusing thing is Ramdev and his army of supporters were evicted and not treated so nicely by the police in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan. The Swami obviously isn’t too happy about this and went on air (NDTV) to say that next time at Ramlila, it will be Ravanlila. ”Let’s see who gets beaten” <--- like oh my days, swami jasto manche le yesto bhanne! Aicch.. Baba got swag!
Baba has also spoken out to the millions of Indians to come and join the struggle and stated that they will be given arms training. Seriously? ARMS? He has defended himself saying it will only be used for self-defence (pleaseee when is it not ;). Another interesting thing that people haven’t stopped talking about is Ramdev and his 5-star lifestyle; he arrived in New Delhi in a private jet and apparently stays at a lush high-end hotel. 
Thoughts? What do you guys make of it? 
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  1. My dad was estimating his property upto £10,000000 lol. And did you hear about how he was hospitalized recently?

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