Dharmaraj and Reecha – Mr and Miss Nepal Australia!

9th of July will probably never be the same for Reecha Dhital and Dharmaraj Adhikari, that was the day when they were crowned Mr and Miss Nepal Australia. It was the first time that such a show of that magnitude had taken place in Sydney presented by United Nepalese Arts & Entertainment Pvt Ltd. The show had a range of choreographers and quite a bunch of contestants which was very surprising considering it being abroad. 

Now the main question I raise everytime such a contest is being organized is, what will the responsibility of the winners be? Most of the time it is common to see organizers not doing much once the show is over. Isn’t it the responsibility of the management to keep the winners in the limelight throughout their year of tenure. Having a set of duties awaiting the winners would be a great idea. Linking up these international pageants with Miss Nepal and Mr Nepal would take such shows to another level. If every winner from the Nepali diaspora abroad is given opportunity to be a contestant in the home pageant in Nepal – then there would be a point. This paragraph goes out to Miss UK Nepal organisation, Mr & Miss Top Model UK Nepal and the upcoming Miss Nepal USA.

Winner Male – Dharmaraj Adhikari

1st Runner Up – Deepak Gyawali
2nd Runner Up – Bijay Paudel
3rd Runner Up – Yuvraz Tiwari
4th Runner Up – Bishal Rizal

Winner Female – Reechha Dhital
1st Runner Up – Munmoon Shah
2nd Runner Up – Nira Pun
3rd Runner Up -Aarati Sitaula
4th Runner Up – Sushradha Pradhan

Mr. Catwalk- Sudip Sauden
Mr. Photogenic- Jeevan KC
Mr. Cyber- Yuvraz Tiwari
Mr. Congeniality- Gautam Lama
Mr. Talent- Super Gurung
Male Best Costume- Anup Tandukar
Mr UNAE – Dharmaraz Adhikari

Miss Catwalk- Sushradha Pradhan
Miss Photogenic- Sophiya Sharma
Miss Cyber- Sandhya Lama
Miss Congeniality- Munmoon Shah
Miss Talent- Reetu Ale
Female Best Costume- Sona Timalsina
Miss UNAE – Dina Subba

Also, remember the post I shared before on VOTE for your contestant, well Yuvraz Tiwari ended up winning the Mr Cyber award. I cannot help but think sharing his profile on my website did allot quite a lot of votes.  LOL. 
Congrats to the winners and the title holders! Now you all have more pressure to act accordingly and work to improve the Nepali community where you are and help Nepal.

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  1. oh right i was thinking the same thing. i always see who won what title but never see what that person does after that. to be more specific. news about doing thing helping our country is quite rare.

    P.s i guess mR cyber means. more vote from internet or sth .Lex?

  2. The winner title should have gone opposite way as I was there watching the show Bishal rizal should be the winner 1st runner up Yuvraz Tiwari 2nd runner up deepak gyawali 3rd super Gurung and 4 th dharma adhikari and about bijay paudel geez he should be out in top 10 any one supports here it seems so organizer politics Sydney people found it weird

  3. that dharma looks like dhoti how come he be the winner gal looks aright but still that guyy ewwwww dhoti ko bacha

  4. OK. this wasnt a fair judgement alrttie the winner was choosen by the UNAE board of director, it wasnt choosen by the judgess. It was simply a matter of bussiness to make profit for the organisation, the contestant were ask to sell the tickets, who ever sold the highest tickets becmae the WINNER! wallah 🙂

  5. Hey Anonymous Friend(15 July 2011 16:54), I don’t agree with your statement. I went and watched this event. It was OK not bad but I believe you wrote all that rubbish because you lost. HAHAHA…

  6. Mr & Miss Nepal Australia ho Ki Uncle & Aunt Nepal Australia ho..ke saroo budo manche harru lai jetako,,,c

  7. EXCUSEZ MEH ’16 July 2011 10:33′ i didnt particapate in this event olrtie
    soo just keep ur mouth shut! well wat ever i said was true i didnt lie at alll, soo dnt laugh in here laugh in my face n see wat i do to u?? kk 🙂
    sooo u dnt knw abut wat happen inside the show, u only watched it LOSERR, soo better watch ur mouth before u say somethin 😀 kkthanksbyee

  8. How can you decide on who was to be a winner? That’s ridiculous. Whoever won had probably put a lot of effort in it. How would you feel if you won a competition and people just say those stuff to you? And hey all Nepalese don’t have thyapche nose and fair complexion… So whether you look Mongolian or Indian you are still Nepalese.
    Ok my other view. I am sure this program was for profit. Ticket was high priced and food awful. Program was very long. Some talents were not real “talent”.
    The other thing I dont get is… They do this al for a title but have we seen them getting anywhere with it? I hope they do something brilliant for our country. Winning mr and miss Nepal, they should work together for something good for Nepal or it’s people…. It’s easy to say like everyone does “I will help” but it’s hard to see them actually doing it!!! So get on it!!!! Prove you are worth the title!!!!

  9. omg … jst loved the way u defenced on that brainless d**k head man who thinks himslef so smart ..thnx heapas.. n lettin u ppl knw whoever sees this … a 5 hour judgement on the stage cant judge a person attitude n his/her behavior… all the things abt the individual are pre-judged…. so mr whoever u r, watchout urself on mirror before pointing out on someone else… lol .. dumbos trying to b smart … lol

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