I Met Jharana Bajracharya!

Yep, It finally happened! I met Jharana Bajracharya on Saturday. Since I’ve landed in Nepal I’ve been going here and there hardly leaving any time for my cousins and grandma at home but today I had decided to stay and actually communicate with people online and inform of those in Nepal of my arrival. It was that ‘informing’ session that quickly and unexpectedly gave me an opportunity to meet her. I knew I would meet her as I am here for a while that’s why I felt there was no rush. She was lovely and quite chatty, I expected her to be more quaint judging by her fondness for meditation and Bippsyanna. I felt like I met Jharana; the person and not Jharana Bajracharya; the celebrity

She will soon leave for Europe where she will travel for around a month. Jharana will also be visiting UK once again and will be back in Nepal by the end of August. Due to my time constraint’s I probably won’t meet her until she returns however when she does I would love to meet Jharana Bajracharya; the celebrity.

PS. I also met Kishor Kayastha; a truly creative photographer and Tenzin Tseten Bhutia; new hotshot designer of Nepal.

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  1. but i guess the meditation n bipasanna wasnt what u loved about the khatara gal???????????????????????
    sheeeeeer disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wud say…………………if i were to meet her……………..
    anyway, dream come true…wow
    khoda pahad, nikla chuwa(no offence)..lol

  2. lol i couldnt recognize her, looks soo different bt still hot ;PP

    and no idea abt the 2 other guys..
    sorry no offence bt best of luck in wot u guys r doin…

  3. Ignore those mannerless morons Lex. Stupid is what stupid does! You are doing a great job and the grapes will always remain sour for them. Your rock brother!

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