Mother Earth by Kishor Kayastha

He works for ECS Living and is also the photographer of the new magazine Folio, Kishor Kayastha want’s to be known as an all-rounder photographer and not be mistaken for a fashion photographer. There is nothing more he enjoys then for people to examine and critically comment on his work. Having divided opinions of the people with photo’s of model Shristi Shrestha posing in a poverty-stricken locality has taught Kayastha to stay tough skinned when it comes to receiving feedback from the mass. Kayastha shot Jharana Bajracharya for the Mother Earth piece which is quite self-explanatory also be on the watch out as Jharana will be working with Kayastha again.

 And below is a photo of Kishor Kayastha and myself – taken at his work studio. SUPER!

Lex Limbu
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  1. Jharana- love the new her but then again she has always carried herself with grace & manners throughout her career in the limelight. She is the only actress/model who does “sexy pose” tastefully- excluding the khatra dance

  2. its touching…………. no need to mention anythin about kishor kayastha,,,,,,,,,but jharana bajracharya ,,,,,,,,,after looking this pic……………. i feel like respecting her

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