Biggest Waste of Space

There was a new building under construction in Leicester Square in London. Now, Leicester Square is like the entertainment hub of London – there’s lots of cinemas (where movie premiere’s take place), restaurants, clubs and more. When I saw that a building was in the making I got excited hoping it would be another entertainment avenue for my friends and me. I had hoped for an arcade/shopping mall but unfortunately it was an Mmp;M World. If you’re wondering what an M&M World is then stop. It was basically 3/4 level of stuff with all M&M on it. There was dozens of clothes, from t-shirts, trousers, socks etc with M&M branded on them. There were the same M&M sweets in thousands of different shaped boxes. There was small but very expensive M&M wallah sajauney saman.

£906 POUNDS!!!!!!
I was just confused by half-way through. The London’s M&M World is 35,000 sq ft big making it the largest candy store in the world. I think there’s quite a few shockers in there. Firstly, this is the 4th M&M World :O and secondly why would you want to create such a waste. I guess it’s an example of the crazy consumerism that strives in the West. If it was by Cadbury, maybe… MAYBE I would kinda feel the idea but M&M? Really! I rarely even have it. To me it’s a copy cat of Smarties. Anyways at a time when our economy is just building post the recession it was a great shocker to see such a building. Enjoy the pictures and leave your response below.


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