Audio Books for the Blind

There are approximately 400,000 visually impaired people in Nepal and a large majority of them go to colleges, however there are only books available in braille for up to class 10 leaving college students in a catch-22 situation. Thanks to National Rehabilitation Society for Disabled they have initiated a program where volunteers from students to working people have the option to be the voice for the blind. You will be required to come to one orientation session in Anamnagar where the team will teach you how to record yourself reading and give you general instructions and after you pick a book and language (english or nepali) then it’s up to you regarding how many hours you will spend at home reading to a recorder. Once you complete the recording the whole file will be transferred to a blind student’s MP3 and they will happily be able to enjoy reading through your voice.

Simple and effective. Right?
Please volunteer if you guys have time

Contact : Sagar Prasain (9808861892)
Lex Limbu
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