Tattinai Parcha – The Photos!

Let’s make this short and sweet. The event was titled ‘Tattinai Parcha’ organized by WhatNext, WeFearSilence and Parcha Production at Moods Lounge on the 26th August. Aside from being a club party there was live music by Nattu Shah, Dougie Adhikari, Sonam and Sunand and the release of Yamabuddha’s mixtape. The glowing Miss Teen Nepal 2010 Kreeti Shingtan Lama was my co-host and there was various breaks and setbacks but we soldiered on through till 9PM when the performances and the fashion show choreographed by Bipen Gurung came to an end. Our DJs : DJ Rabbit, DJ Niral and Guest DJ – DJ Phuchhey played their beats till the ticker hit 11.45PM. There were various celebrities from beauty queens Malvika Subba to Samriddhi Rai and Sano Sansar heroes Vinay Shrestha and Karma… and many many other personalities from RJ’s, VJ’s and pretty faces.

It would be very biased of me to rate an event that I was part of so I leave it to you guys who came to leave the organization team and myself feedback for the show. To all, thank you for coming. Hosting was an interesting experience… an experience which I don’t think I will repeat again. Ciao!

For More Pictures : Soon.

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  1. one of the best parties I have been to this summer… as usual there was a fight of course (that was complimentary) this being a Nepali party after all

  2. Some good points:
    People(lots of them)
    Girls(lots of them, many of them got)
    Music(good enough)

    Some bad points:
    Smth wrong with Nepali girls… girls you should be a little more approchable… its the initial look you give me that scares me off… be nice.. SMILE 🙂
    Some people stop drinking(FOREVER… people die… no laughing matter)
    Smoke(everywhere… is it so necessary to show to the world you smoke? get ur ass outside and smoke instead)

  3. Besides the hoopla.. here are the real reasons people go to parties:
    1) See and be seen
    2) Tell all your friends you were there
    3) Take pictures (never gets old)
    4) Wear that expensive dress that make your butt look oh so nicer..
    5) Get lucky 😉
    6) For guys: make manly stares at other men, and shake hands with other men with the usual: ‘k chaaa yaar?’
    7) Start a fight, Nepali people start fights coz we are such attention seekers by nature. We dont know how to have fun so we dont let anyone else have fun either….
    8) For girls: show your girl friends how many guys you know. Get really waisted off one beer and brag for a week about the party to those who were less fortunate.
    9) Carry your entourage to show off to others with their entourage. While in your head, your like: we are so much better.
    10) Get waisted and make a scene.
    11) Go see what you ex’s are up to. Besides, you have to show them that you’ve moved on. Although you havent and you actually miss them.
    12) Find that special someone, although you won’t say a word to them coz you are like: she should come to me!!
    13) For girls: wear the most tinniest clothes to see who fits better and who gets the most stares off pervs.

  4. 14) Do a slow dance with your special someone. Cause you are having such a special moment. What next? you loose your other shoe and the prince comes to your door the next day.

  5. gals were the best part of tatinai parcha….
    also the worst part is gals…watever they say on the dance floor they act like the rockstar superstar, i thought i might get lucky after ther party but at the end of the day i dont know wat happened all of the sudden they acted like sati and savitris

    other shit point for me is usually the people that have lots of money or are regulars would get in before anyone standing inline…so reservations are just a line that the doorman or barman would tell u to make u wait so the regulars would get in first….

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