Dr Baburam Bhattarai – 35th PM of Nepal

How long will he last is the only question on top of my head.
But kudos to Dr Bhattarai for becoming Nepal’s 35th Prime Minister, now we’ve had all the Tom, Dick and Harry in power so let’s see if the Doctor can bring anything to the table. 

Some info about Dr Baburam Bhattarai:
  • Born on 26 May1954
  • When he passed his SLC he topped the whole of Nepal
  • Received scholarship to study engineering in Chandigarh of Punjab
  • He has done a masters in Urban and Regional Planning 
  • It is widely said that he was the one who designed the BICC centre
Image: Republica
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  1. besides all the great mind blowing degrees i hope he has the mind to bring right changes in the political situation of Nepal and drop a pinch of changes to Make Naya Nepal!

  2. I lost respect for him ever since he said that the loss of lives due to the Maoist Insurgency were necessary. While he was tucked away in safety some where. Mr Bhattarai you are just another form of the elite.

  3. you missed few bits lex – he topped whole nepal in slc not just his school. the gorkha thing ur referring is during the election. another one u missed he was a successful finance minister. chech his profile correctly..

  4. I dont want to hope, i wanna see results. I mean how long do we Nepalese have to put up with lousy narrow minded not to mention greedy politician.Politician really needs to start thinking about Nepal then just their bottomless pocket. To the politician’s,Do something unselfish for a change who know you might just like it. wishful thinking 🙁

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