Miss Nepal 2011

Another year, another Miss Nepal but looks like this years batch of girls aren’t all that impressive. Let’s just hope what they say will impress the audience and the judges. The people who went to the Talent round to see the performances were not all that struck by the ‘talent’ of the Miss Nepal’s as some said their performances were pretty much lacking the energy. 

The finale event will take place tomorrow evening. Best of luck to the girls’ lets hope they shine!

PS. from those little thumbnails above only Anupama Gurung and Bishnu Chemzong look pretty nice.
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  1. true about talent round!!! i too walked off as soon as Anupama’s performance ended…

    i too agree with ur P.S. 😉 tonight, m cheering AURA(anupama gurung)!!! :))

  2. Let me tell u sth, u r such a racist I can already see. U said just two of those girls are good looking just becoz they are from ur community. People like u r dividing Nepal. Shame on you.

  3. u r ryte ……dividing nepal…even the best talent show was by namrata dahal i guess and secondly by nisha but talent goes to the nepali singing star do u really think that this was kind of nepali tara contest…..wake up hidden treasure all are like match fixing even this time also miss nepal is fully fixed…..the girls who are talent are kicked away at first round and bimbo were kept just for a idol looking …..hidden treasure sucks and the couple of judge too….

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