Meet Promise Tamang!!!

Promise with husband and family in Kathmandu
The world famous YouTube make-up guru Promise Tamang arrived in Nepal only few days ago. Tamang who has an army of subscribers that cross over 216,000 on the video sharing website will be in Nepal for the next few weeks! Now thanks to Parcha Productions and WhatNext Nepali fans will get a chance to see a live transformation by Promise Tamang where she will transform several boys and girls into popular personalities such as Michael Jackson and she will also be doing a live transformation of me into Johnny Depp (Capt. Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean). 

Place: Moods Lounge, Bluebird Complex (Tripureshwore)
Entertainment: Live transformation by Promise Tamang
Johnny Depp.Lady Gaga.Amy Winehouse.Michael Jackson.Katy Perry.Nicki Minaj.
Music: Naren Limbu (Aastha)
Manas Ghale (Nepsydaz)
DJ: DJ Tantric, DJ K-World, DJ BPM

Your host for the evening will be Mr College Ambassador 2010 – Pratul Jb Rana

Tickets: Rs 700 (advance)
Rs 1000 (door + drink)

Click here to read the interview – Ek Chin with Promise Tamang
Lex Limbu
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