Bodyguard Collects 2.15 Crores in Nepal!!

I only got back from my few day long trip to Janakpur today and it was pretty amazing! One song that was overplayed was the Teri Meri ki Meri Teri from Salman Khan’s latest Eid release BODYGUARD. Friends have raved about the movie, apparently it has a really good ending and almost every scene of the movie is amazing. Well it comes as no surprise that Bodyguard has done a record breaking business of 2.15 crores gross collection in Nepal, that’s just in one week which makes Bodyguard the most successful Hindi movie according to Digital Cinema Nepal (DCN) in Nepal. The weekend showings at QFX and Big Cinemas in Kathmandu started as early as 8 AM and ran through till 9.30 PM at night, I guess that’s pretty intense! In the West people go GAGA for Harry Potter and in the East it’s Salman Khan… or Shah Rukh……or one of the many other Khans.

So how was Bodyguard for you?
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. I love every languages movies but now (no offense) I even stop watching Indian movies because I understand the bad impact of hindi language in my pyaaro Nepal. Promoting Indian movies in our country doesn’t make sense to me instead we should love our own Nepali movies inorder to be safe from India’s attack in our language, culture, tradition n many more in future,,, Jaya Nepal!!!

  2. i really love this movie and salman is my bestt actor ever.. ewww nepali movie:( nobody loves to watch a nepali movie soo nepali producer u better stop making a nepali movie… hate nepali move+all actress+actor..

  3. indiama feri haude filmko lahar chaleko cha…ani tyo lahar ko morcha salmanle samhaldaicha…bhanera i read a review in the ktm post sm days ago…ehehe..

  4. In fact Nepali Cinema Hall never disclose the real business of Nepali movie to cheat tax. It is hard to cheat taxes in Hindi movie so they disclose actual data. But they cheat even Value Added Tax of ticket of Nepali movie since that were collected from viewers. In this way they cheat both producers and government.Other important thing to consider is that, in Multiplex, Hindi movie is release in big and well equipped theater but at the mean time Nepali movie released in small theater. Otherwise Nepali movie also break the record of box office. I request TAX OFFICE of NEPAL to take an effective action to control this and take the policy to collect tax from hall at first and then refund it to producers. In this way Nepali movie get subsidies and actual data will also shown because the producers of respective movie follows the theater at releasing time. Avyudaya Khanal

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