When Shaan Was in Kathmandu

Shaan was in Kathmandu for an NCELL Corporate Event that took place at Hyatt Regency on 9th September. If you haven’t heard of NCELL then they are one of the fastest growing business in Nepal; a cellular network company very much like Vodafone or T-Mobile for you Amrikan Nepalis. Apart from giving a live performance to the corporate (not-so-happening) crowd Shaan even visited some Kathmandu landmarks from Pashupatinath, Baudhanath Stupa to a jewellery store.

I guess if I ever have to work in Nepal then NCELL would BE the firm, exclusive Indian celebrities as performers and NCELL Street festivals; so PHUN.

Photos courtesy of timrohamro – for more check it out here.
Lex Limbuhttps://lexlimbu.com
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  1. WTF is he doin in Nepal?? We dont want these dhotis in our holyland anymore bcoz all indian people are eyeing n tryin a attack our motherland Nepal,, samaymai sachet bhaya>>>

  2. Hey hang on u broda! He was here for an event and for ur knowledge if some celebrities visit Nepal Dosent necessarily means that they are spying on our political situations or whatever !! I know there are some bad Indian people coming to our country but dosent mean u should start neglecting the fair ones.

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