Deputy PM And His STUPID Comment

I think this guy deserves to be called an idiot. I mean, I know we don’t want out country to be devastated by earthquakes but that doesn’t make it right for you to pray an earthquake upon a different region elsewhere in the world. Acting Prime Minister and Home Minister Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar was asked recently regarding his view on the recent earthquake in Nepal to which he stupidly responded by saying:

 ”We have already become an earthquake zone. So let us pray to the Pashupatinath that it takes place in America and Europe, not here”.

Lau aba ke bhanne?

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Lex Limbu
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  1. hahahaha…………………ghush khane haru ko dimaag ma yesto kura bahek k nai hunchha ra ho!!!!!! dat’s just stupidity man………………

  2. huh!! hamro deshko leaderharu ko bichar ko example,,kasaile hidni ma sapath grahan. nagai hide pani kei chaina laajgall sabbai bhutera khai sake sekuwa ra tharra sanga,,thuiiikka nepal ko netabhaanauda haru

  3. ignorant but at least he’s honest and most of the people were probably thinking the same but most things you should just keep to yourself i guess, but remember he’s someones dad, brother or uncle and it would hurt me if other people were calling my dad stupid just saying :s

  4. how cud he say that! doesnt make any sense…may he needs some enlish lesson..our country needs more intellectual ppl in power.

  5. Goddd, such silly comments u ppl!!! I would have said and asked the same thing because I love my desh NEPAL so much won’t matter what other countries have. 1st of all Nepal ko halat ra aru desh ko halat hernus ani sochnus earthquake le nepal ma balla balla bhayeko infrastucture ma k asar purauna sakcha next thing is k nepal ma aru mentioned desh ko jhai insurance poicies, benefits or whatever cha to so called help?? j aye pani hamro desh ko janata le bhogcha not govt unlike the mentioned countries so xx

  6. “We have already become an earthquake zone.So lets pray to the pashupatinath that it takes place in America and Europe, not here”. WTF you don’t know that lots and lots of Nepalese live in abroad. And Of Course, this is stupid saying. Ja baru gau ma gayeara halo jodna. Aali kam ta paucha. Shame on you.

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