Who Looks Better? Jasmi or Sahana?

Now I don’t really know how things go down in the world of fashion but earlier during the week model and the current face of Navyaata magazine Jasmi Gurung was spotted wearing Khushbu Dangol’s design at Kathmandu Fashion Parade, now the amusing thing here is media personality Sahana Bajracharya also wore the same outfit of Khushbhu Dangol’s at DAY 1 of Nepal Fashion Week! Honestly speaking I really think the design should’ve only been worn once but hey maybe this ”works” in Nepal.

So viewers, tell me’ who looks better? Jasmi or Sahana?
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  1. Jasmi is the best she is one of Nepal’s upcoming super model & she is hitting the Nepalese fashion industry with a BANG!! She’s got the looks as well as the spunk 😀 in other words she’s a model with everything 😀 So ofcorse Jasmi looks not only good but awesome 😀

  2. Jasmi looks so much better than Sahana. Jasmi looks much more like a professional model. Just compare their postures, Jasmi’s is a lot more confident and model like. I hope we see more of her in the coming days. 🙂

  3. Ohwow! this reminds me of how they compare celebs wearing the same outfit in People’s magazine! I have seen other pictures of Sahana in the same outfit and i must say Jasmi pulls it off better than Sahana! Her poise, attitude and elegance seems to suit the personality for this outfit whereas Sahana seems a little coy and unsure about her expression on the ramp.
    So Jasmi would be my pick! 🙂

  4. I have been following this very enthusiastic blogger and he is amusibg too but I think I had also a wrong impression that he is careful enough to choose and play with works.

    Whats with ” maybe this ‘works’ in Nepal?? Definitely its a bad practice but being rude doesnt change anything,,does it?

  5. I agree with you on your take that a design should only be worn once! Sort of maintains that feeling of exclusivity. And I’d def go with JASMI! She carries it off really well with that elegant poise:)

  6. Omg kidding me?
    Just one brief look and the distict is there!
    All the way SeXAyyy! ;DDDD

  7. i lean to ur idea wearing outfit once,… but hey is that the right question asking who looks better it was wrong of sahana wearing the same outfit; the answer to ur poll is yes ofcourse Sahana u r beauty queen i damn like u!

  8. Jasmi cannot compete with Sahana. It’s just because of the photography that she looks better than Sahana. Jasmi is just another new bee in this industry.

  9. Jasmine for sure ….
    Sahana was clapper at Miss Earth….is now at TGIF NFW..and will be clapper again in Miss Asia Pacific International

  10. No doubt Jasmi wore it 10 times better than Sahana. No offense but hey what’s up with the hunched pose at a ramp show!?

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