Jharana Not Part of Mero Best Friend


Mero Best Friend will no longer have Jharana Bajracharya due to Jharana’s conflicting schedule the actress has been replaced by another upcoming heroine from Sikkim who will star alongside Diwas Upreti and Resh Marhatta. The filming has already commenced.
PS. Jharana hadn’t even signed the contract for the movie.

Though my fascination began with Jharana Bajracharya – the celebrity. I think I’ve been luckier to be able to slowly get to know Jharana – the person. After having met so many public personalities in Nepal she is the only Nepali figure that makes me nervous; literally. I met with her earlier today (second meet) where I had a super time discussing her movies, where she is in life and all that jazz in a secluded corner of England. Yep, you heard it!

Jharana is still in England, very happy with her life and want’s fans and well-wishers to respect her  choice of staying away from the mainstream Nepali media. I just love her even more!

Check out more photos of Jharana and Me together.
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  1. jharna could have given one hit..we were so excited that them couple (jharana and race) will be back for the big movie …my best friend..but..its not in luck..good luck to her wherever she is.

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