Mero Love Story – Premiere Photos

The premiere surely happened in style, let’s just hope the movie’s just as good. Aside from a small technical glitch the screening went ahead midst a crowd of more 300. When asked how actress Reecha Sharma felt about the premiere, the budding actress was positive as she said ‘the response has been very well’. Here’s to hoping that people who pay for the ticket enjoy the movie aswell. 

Mero Love Story releases on Friday 7th October in Kathmandu and has released today outside of the Kathmandu Valley. Some images of the premiere from and the jodi; Vinay Shrestha and Reecha Sharma in the UFO Ad. I think the jodi look far better in the UFO Clothes than the premiere photos.

PS. MeroCinema, maybe you ought to learn to credit your sources like I do 😉

Lex Limbu
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