45,782 Tourists Arrive in September!

A total of 45,782 tourists arrivals were recorded at Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal for the month of September. Now, that’s only air arrivals. We don’t know how many arrived by land but here’s to hoping that figure has increased as well. Sri Lanka has topped the list for most arrivals as it increased by a whopping 75.4%, the biggest rise for the month followed by China at 66.6%. One can understand why China’s in the top lead since there are many air-links between Chinese cities to Kathmandu but in Sri Lanka’s case there are no direct air-links so this shows that there is a small yet steadily growing market for air connection in that route too.

”Total number of tourists visiting the country over the first nine months of 2011 has reached 369,844” as reported by MyRepublica. We’re wayyy off the targeted 1 Million. SAD. But it’s good that there’s been a steady flow of tourist.
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