Miss Nepal Malina at Change Chet!

The fourth ever contestant from outside of Kathmandu Valley to be crowned Miss Nepal, Malina Joshi from Dharan was seen attending a Changa Chet event at Club Himalaya last week. Since then Malina has made a quick dash to celebrate Dashain with family back in her hometown in Eastern Nepal. 23 Year old Malina is preparing to fly to London just few weeks later for the much anticipated Miss World pageant that will be taking place on the 6th of November. Here are some more photo’s of our current reigning Miss Nepal.

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Correction: She’s the fourth Miss Nepal after Ruby Rana and Usha Khadgi (both Birgunj) and Neelima Gurung (Pokhara).

Photo Courtesy: Prawesh Limbu and Sam Pradhan Photography
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  1. Lex she is the fourth, Miss Nepal from outside the Kathmandu Valley because I think you forgot Neelima Gurung who is from Pokhara or Usha Khadgi (Miss Nepal 2000) who is orginally from Birgunj just like Ruby Rana who was Miss Nepal 1994 so, Malina comes 4th in the list and other then that I hope Malina the best of luck for Miss World 2011 🙂

  2. i recently read in a magazine that she is the ever 1st Miss Nepal who has been disliked from people…Wonder why????
    I Wish her all the best for her coming up work…who know she will the 1st lady to come up with better results that other Ex Miss Nepal..

  3. who says she aint got that perfect looks???
    look at the pics above.. She has the beauty, correct attitude and all it takes to become Miss Nepal..!!!

  4. @ Ihamo: Seriously … :)i didnt know that people would judge me on the basis of that one particular picture of that crowning moment .. actually,,, my fault i should have also focused more on my attire and my make up .. anyways i am getting more and more strength and encouragement of doing better .. and trust me i am gonna look very pretty that day …
    p.s:miss world .. hehe … 😛 .. i hope i can do something for my country in the international arena … :)fingers crossed ..

  5. All the best to her!!!!She looks just fine,people who dislike have their own opinion,but people should seriously be boosting her morale than letting it down.After all she is representing our country and we should be proud of the fact that she has the courage to be there.Its not easy to be in the eyes of thousands of people,always trying to be perfect!

  6. I found her a pretty girl, but I think the reason why people call her ugly is because she isn’t the best looking person of Nepal. Miss nepal, miss world is still a beauty pageant and ofcourse its about beauty AND brains but still beauty is most important factor. I just think some people are upset knowing there girls more better looking with also brains in Nepal and wish they had represent Nepal in miss world. And u got to admit seeing her photo’s with (ex)misses Nepal or other misses of the world. She can’t compare with their beauty.

  7. There’s been critics all over about the reigning Miss Nepal Malina Joshi… doubting her for her beauty.. her figure and I dunno what else..
    but I personally think she is really Elegant..
    and to all those people who’s been against with Miss nepal..I ask you..What did you expect from the former miss nepal-ss?? and what did you get?? the answer is NOTHING…

    and as for MALINA JOSHI.. She is atleast smarter than the previous so called beauties! At least..this one’s doing her MBA and her aim is to become a Film-maker..See…

    Her personality is what reached her at this point..
    So, people should seriously stop talking trash about this Miss Nepal and instead wish her all the best for her future endeavors……

    You never know…she can rise like no other former Miss Nepal did!!!

    All the best Malina! we ( I ) loveyou! 🙂

  8. This girl needs to learn to put better make up to bring out her beauty! The eye shadow and the lipstick do not suit her. She ain’t bad looking you know.

  9. she is perfectly beautiful n stunning..
    all the best Malina d :):)
    n like you said in an interview that all those criticisms are making you stronger than ever.
    so dun falter. you have both your supporters and critics and sooner or later i hope ppl will understand.
    you have two ears, listen wid one n let go of with the other, :):) (that is what i do when i am looked down by others), n i know you will do your best and outshine. 🙂
    all the best
    we love youh manila di 🙂

  10. Wow the more I look at malina, the more I like her. And yeah, at least she’s got brains compared to the other nautangis 😛 Malina, do work out a little more tho so as to be on par with the others country. I think your face is gorgeous alr! I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST! Lots of loooooooove!

  11. I got it ,lex is from Dharan that is why when I wrote a comment which might be negative about Malina got deleted,pfft,talk about some biased issue.Lex u need to grow up….pathetic.

  12. To the lame person who’s crying coz lex deleted the comment about malina which u felt ‘might (have been) negative’, GROW UP. geez. Because he came from dharan? Wow. really? Not coz what you said might have been deemed offensive/very insulting since, like you said, it was ‘negative’. Seriously, people. I come from ktm, and I would rightfully do what he did. I’m not of aryan descent but I strongly support Malina over the ‘matwalis’ in the competition coz she’s most deserving.
    Not everyone’s small-minded like you dude. -.-

  13. reply to the previous commenter…why bring the aryan and matwali stuff in between?she deserved it,thats fair.I am a huge supporter of Maline Joshi winning the contest…..but where did the issue of matwali n aryan come in between.now you are the one acting small minded to a certain extent by bring the “jaats” in between.happy belated dashain and happy tihar in advance 🙂

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