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This is my Facebook status today. Just something that had been on my mind lately. 

It’s somewhat frustrating talking to ‘some’ Nepali people. When most ask me how long I was in Nepal for I say ‘two months’ to which there are two types of responses, ”o wahh ramailo bhayo hola hai, malai pani kasto janu man cha” OR ”DUI MAHINA? Ambo testo dhulo, load-shedding ma ke gardai basyau? Ke nai cha ra Nepal’ma?”. And you know we Nepalis who live abroad are such hypocrites, we go to Nepal stay for 1 month etc and come back saying DESH TA TESTAI CHA, but if you want to SEE the change then I really think you should stay there and start ‘attempting’ to bring the change than just complaining at the slow progress or blaming the country. Blame YOURSELF first. AND the 28 million people in Nepal, they might struggle, wait for water, eat in the dark – but they’re surviving and survivors! As if you were born in the lap of luxury. 
Enough said!!!

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. love your site broda…ur amazin…keep on going we’re there to support u to give something to our country….go on LEX LIMBU….\m/,

  2. yea..don’t complain like it yourself like LEX is doing and change the country, lex will be back in nepal for good and help change our country. Won’t you?
    Lex u r da best.

  3. you just read my mind out loud. i used to be one of the hypocrites, but made the decision to bring change in Nepal. going back to ktm next year after 8 long yrs!

  4. eaxactly…nt only lex but we all shud try to help develop it as well rather than studin nd spendin ur lyf havin fun here while nepal is suffering in the dark*quite selfish.. we shud be capturing our knowlege frm here then utilizing sure it will bring alot of change:)nepalese fighting

  5. I randomly follow your blog. just for time pass. i like this post very much u kno, i thought u were one of those hypocrites who are privileged one.
    anyway i’ve changed my view towards u. what if everyone would think like u.

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