Someone’s COPYING my Blogposts!

Dear Yajeeb,

I came across your lovely blogsite just a few days ago when a keen follower of mine shared your weblink. I was impressed at how detailed you’ve been when it comes to copying my blogposts and using the same images that I have published on my website. The term being ‘original’ simply seems to have gone out the window for you as you have over 12 blogposts directly copied from my website.

Now I could understand if you took the ‘news’ rewrote it and posted it in your own style. But come on… why have you all of a sudden become so lazy? I checked how long you’ve been blogging and seems like in the start you actually made some sort of effort to write things (whether that is something you copied from another blog ‘i dont know) but I guess Number 1 Source Lex was doing all the job hai? Damn.

Anyhow, I had sent you a kind message over Facebook after shockingly finding that you were actually a ‘friend’ to request the removal of the copied blog-posts. Delighted I was to receive a simple ‘OK’ back from you. However, your Nepali timing seems to be worse than mine as I waited and I waited. Time is something which I value and I can’t wait any longer so I had to write a blog-post.

Yajeeb, I hope you copy the images above and below and this text aswell and make this the next post for your blog too.

Much Love,
Your Number 1 Source

UPDATE: After sharing this post to him this was the reply which I received. I don’t normally respond to comments but generally speaking I would like to say when I get a portion of my news from certain websites I SOURCE the website and provide a link. I have had people ask for permission to use my content and I’ve said yes provided they link my website. Yajeeb could take the news and simply write it in his own words.

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Plagiarism at it’s height -this is absolutely hilarious! Dude whatever ur name is shame on u for having lost all creativity and having to stoop to such measures to keep ur blog running! Sh sh sh sh shame on u! Lol

  2. I am waiting for him to re-post this on his blog….can’t well done Lex. right at his face…

  3. Well done on exposing such disgusting behaviour. This has happened to me several times and its annoying when others get the credit for all the hard work you do.

  4. I would like to hear the other side of the story. Maybe he has a valid excuse, maybe his intentions were not to copy but simply to paraphrase. Anyways… I would like to hear the other side of story before jumping into the bandwagon of hatred.

  5. lol … it is exactly the same… even the correction on the bottom (on miss nepal’s post), someone thinks he could have a valid reason, i don’t think copying someone’s blog exactly on their page with no reference has any reason but cheating

  6. Lex Limbu has been boasting way bit much in recent days, calling himself the NUMBER 1 source in information/news. I may agree that some of the other blogs may have got infos/news from yours, but it’s the fact you also get infos/news here and there from other blogs too. You publish most of the stuff earlier but not ALL. Here, I don’t see the necessity to boast on being the number 1 source.
    As for the copycat guy, toil hard man, there’s no shortcut to success.

  7. wow so much hatred and here i thought i had such a good idea. i was thinking of doing the same thing but looks like that’s out of the question now (sad face)

  8. yajeeb should have just said/wrote that he got the news/info from lex’s site and there won’t be this post.FUCK COPYRIGHT!smoke weed everyday!

  9. Wotever… I know that lex gets his intel from various web sites like and etc… All his pictures are not genuine. So basically lex is talking about Nepal even if he is not there and he’s clueless to wots going on. Rather that plagiarism, I know lex he’s a smelly cunt and he’s a fucking hypocrite.

  10. Why you dissing on lex on his own site. Lol. Sure, it can be viewed in a way that appears like he’s boasting or maybe he really is. At least he’s got success to back it up instead of saying empty words. Who you calling ‘c*nt’ and ‘hypocrite’. Firstly, wash your mind with toilet detergent and secodnly, I really dono anyone who isn’t a hypocrite these days.
    As for plagiarism and nepal- what’s new? I saw a freakin ‘Starbucks’ at some alley in ktm which was some khatey shop.

  11. Oh and I forgot to add, YOU GO, LEX! Haters can hate. Readers like me appreciate you and what your wite, original or not. I know for a fact I won’t hear the news anywhere but at Peeaaccee!

  12. i think we should stop giving that fool his 15 minutes of fame. This is exactly whats he wants; ‘negative publicity is publicity nonetheless’. enough said


  13. this is way tooo ridiculous..
    Publicity Act !!! too cheappppp…
    that guy needs to grow up.

    no doubt, yuh are the number one source woteva others has to say.

  14. wow what a great guy…. well if you copy paste some one’s blog, that is not blogging. And also will not give priority to such blog pages 😀

    If you again post like that plz give the source name from where you copied 😀 Thankyou

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