Sarah Gurung in a Music Video!

Ex-beauty queen Sarah Gurung who’s been living in the US for a while now has been active in the Nepalese community in America. She has hosted and been part of many events including the much anticipated ANA Convention that takes place annually. Just few months ago Sarah filmed for a music video that was made in the states for a popular Nepali singer Deepesh Kishor Bhattarai. Deepesh who is one of Nepal’s most popular singer was in the states for a series of concerts. 

The music video for Dekhi Dekhi has been directed by Rasoj Shrestha and has Anup Pandey alongside Sarah. I think the promo of the video could have been made more steamy! Just check those pictures of Sarah out in the car-wash scene! She’s scorching!

View pictures of Sarah and read her interview ‘Ek Chin with Sarah Gurung’ HERE.

Lex Limbu
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  1. She has the best hair ever! and she’s gotta be the most beautiful Miss nepal contestant/representative (not sure if she won). Ahh gorgeous….

  2. tyo male model dumba chai bhayena …. hai hajur ,,, chor lai sisnu pani wif cold water le hanu parne ho ??

  3. I wish i could smell her from the distance, i feel like she has the looks, figure and beauty but who knows her other that some crazy photographers. Who is she and where is she from anyway? Bless her.

  4. Nepelese girls are so short …. She is ok -ok …. not that great looking…. Figure is like a 14-15 yrs old kid and face like 30-35 yrs .

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