Malvika Says Goodbye to Navyaata!

It was only back in April [Baisakh] this year that Malvika Subba took up the role as an editor of the growing magazine Navyaata. However after just seven issues Malvika has decided to say goodbye to the magazine. It was a simple facebook status that did the rounds and news was out that the former beauty queen and rising entrepreneur had called it quits. When I quizzed Malvika regarding her experience at Navyaata and what could possibly have led her to bid farewell this is what she to say. In her own words:

“The experience with Navyaata was challenging, life changing, very hard but exciting at the same time. I introduced the Next Big Thing section, and had the idea of adding a lot of interviews with more people perspective. I can never forget the high that I felt when I held the first issue of mine with the dual cover with Sadichha Shrestha and Paras Khadka. Another high moment was doing the Mens Special with more than 9 men, under one roof, shooting constantly in one day. The other favorite issue is the one about homosexuality and the punk look with Jasmi and Suzeeta. I thought both their looks would be perfect for the shoot- Sexy and edgy at the same time. We took fashion to the next level with that issue , and the write up on homosexuality was much appreciated. 

But my work with my own company HAA, was picking up fast, and I could not give much time at all. Eventually I had to choose, and Navyaata had its own plan of being a fashion magazine more than lifestyle, which was not how I envisioned it. So I left before things would get out of hand , and there would be bitterness in all that chaos.  

I havent shut out the idea of working in a magazine at all. But only with the right minded team and professional people. And my work with media will continue just the way it has.”

On the other front, House of Alternative Apparel is indeed picking up fast as clothing from the HAA brand can also be found in Pokhara! Word is that Dharan will be the next city to start selling clothes from the HAA line. Moreover, 2012 will see the release of Malvika Subba’s Goodbye Kathmandu which has been directed by Nabin Subba [Numafung]. Though she’s one less a responsibility, looks like her plate is still full; as always.

I certainly am sad to see her leave, nonetheless all the best for everything ahead. 

The First Issue with Malvika
Jasmi Gurung and Suzeeta Gurung from the Homosexuality Issue
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. omg.. how come..sadiccha looks soo wired(not beautiful) ewww.. omg every years Nepal has got ugly and ass hole miss Nepal.. that doesn’t make any sense… sahana should be a miss Nepal for 2010..

  2. Who’s that weird person who said Sadichha’s not beautiful? She’s one of the most beautiful girls and intelligent too and she deserve that place…. Even Sahana is good and beautiful. Both are the Most beautiful ladies 🙂

  3. dear Lex, i think, Navyaata gained more than Malvika did when she joined. The magazine was a lot better and gained more recognition through her name. People in the media and who have worked at Navyaata know that, working there is not a good idea at all. Except for one or two people, there must be 50 0f them who left by the time it was not even one years. At one point i heard the whole marketing team left becoz of the management. There has been a few resignations since Malvika left as well. Even the reporters cant stay there for more than 3 mnths.And Ms. Tamding, just becoz you did one shoot with them,maybe worked in one issue or two ( i do read the mag) doesnt give you the rights to say who is professional and who is not. Having followed Malvika’s interview for years now, i know she did not mean it in a degrading way. Maybe she was just stating a fact.Atta go girl.
    and FYI, I heard its on sale….

  4. Firstly I never said who is professional and who is not.
    Secondly everyone has the right to speak their mind..
    Thirdly I am just gonna delete the comment. Bcos yes she did do Good to the magazine.
    And also No bone in me wants to argue abt it anymore ^^.

  5. Its sad that she is leaving but navyaata will do just fine without her. They were doing fine without her, yes she did bring in more readers. but leaving and then saying she’d rather work with right minded people and a more professional team is an insult to the team. You work for someone and then bitch about it. how typical even for her.

  6. It is never easy being the boss,and to be a woman and to command a team . I am sure the team always had issues with her being boss and making them work, for better. This is not about being bitchy, i think the statement has just been stretched too much. Who doesnt want to work with the right minded team? Specially in a creative environment. And Anonymous, i am sure you are one of the employees there, thats why you comment cheaply like that. how typical of you too? lol

  7. She is a celebrity after all. If some other person had joined and left, it wouldnt have been much of a deal, but since, she is a well known person, it is so easy to pick at her. And besides, she is one of those few ones, who do speak their mind, atleast she is not fake like the rest of them, all beauty and no brains types. Bujhnu bhayo ni? And i am sure Anonymous is a guy who couldnt take orders from her, hahahahahahahaha

  8. I had to comment before things went out of hand here. First of all i was never dishing Navyaata, the team or the magazine. It shall always have a special place in my heart. Yes i did have some issues with the management, about the concept, also i was too busy with my own company. I did not want to take credit for something that i was not working on, at all. And i parted on a mutual understanding. By the statement that i want to work with right minded and professional people, i meant i would want to know the whole team the next time around, or make my own before i do. That was all. I put my life and soul in to the magazine when i was there, i was supposed to work for 2-3 days a week, but i used to be there almost every day. I used to be sick every time the magazine came out , due to stress.
    And the person who commented about me talking about sex at work, i know who you are and i am so disappointed in you , if you have the balls, then call me or come meet me and say that to my face. How disrespectful of you .

  9. The fact that she’s a celebrity and and looked upon by many people should have made her think twice before making such comments. I know about her work and I have admired many of them but the way she ended her relationship with navyaata was very unprofessional and no one can argue about this.
    A true professional is someone who can work with all kinds of people regardless of their personality or mind set. I would like to share something I read recently in a very interesting book on a great entrepreneur and a philanthropist who was interviewing a people for a position in his company: (I once had a candidate try to impress me with her intelligence saying she couldn’t work with “stupid people” since i had a few dim bulbs working for me at that time, I sent her to the “very bright” company down the street.) So Miss. Subba, a piece of advice to you, ” work around your team, don’t expect them to work around you.” You are a role model to the kids, and for heaven’s sake act like one.

  10. aisha thapa ure just a homo just follows malvika like a lost puppy.
    go get a new master to follow.
    p.s even you have no right to comment at least tamding so you say, has worked in the mag.
    and WHO ARE YOU??(

  11. wats on sale aisha thapa???interesting???huh??
    seems like u love to comment, first make your point clear then post it.

  12. OOh ANonymous lai gender dhakka lagyo jasto cha? ki afai kun gender ho bhanera confused hunuhuncha. I am not a homo, but most Navyaata fashion stylists are, haina ra? And my friends have worked there before so i know the real scene that goes around. Aba Tamding jiu ta real Editor hunu bhako chaina ni.Btw DS collection ka kehi luga dekhayera, fashion magazine bhai daina, tapaiko Fashion team lai bhandinu.

  13. And i heard that Navyaata has been on sale for quite some time now, that is the rumour mill in the magazine circuit. Six thousand ma one page ad bechey pachi , ka bata tikcha ta?

  14. Aisha thapa, i heard you are on sale, is it true? don’t assume things, Navyaata is not on sale. Even if it doesn’t make any money, i do have enough money to run it for the rest of my life so don’t you worry, you will be seeing us around . And please check your facts before calling anyone homo. As for malvika’s comment, she has cleared it herself. our team members are professional and very creative i must add.

  15. Aisha, we started Navyaata not for money but because we were passionate about it. Having said that we are doing just fine and we are not for sale. Your comments are in poor taste. We love the work we do and we are proud of all of our team members. It is always easy to point fingers and make crude comments about other’s work. I would love to know what you have done yourself.

    We were happy to have Malvika work with us and appreciate her contributions. All things come to an end and so did Malvika’s tenure with us. We have no regrets. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors. There is no bitterness in her departure, not for us and hopefully nor for her.

  16. So Malvika you do accept that you talked about your intimate private matters with your colleagues at Navyaata. That was very professional of you. Im guessing you are looking for the right minded people who can enjoy and take part in your conversation and also professionals in this specific field. I wish you all the best in finding your dream team and if you do not I’m sure you will come up with a team of your own. Maybe you can start with Aisha Thapa, she seems to have the qualifications to be part of your team.

  17. I guess each new employee leaving within few months of work shows the work ethics of the office..Not taking any sides here, but I think it is too immature and childish of the publishers to get enraged by the comments posted. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I guess as media entrepreneurs, you should respect that right and not engage in frivolous discussions. There is no smoke without fire, is there?
    p.s everyone in the media circle knows Navyaata has been on sale for quite few months but sadly no1 has shown any interest.

  18. Himal Ji,that was a bit too much nai of you when you said you didn’t start the mag to earn money. If not for money,I am wondering, did you start it in the name of social service so that you could give employment opportunities to our young bhai bainis? Wah, kya high thinking! And kudos to you for managing to run the mag this long(however i have doubts if u would still be in market by next year) by making staffs work for pay like peanuts. You are one isshmart CEO, where did you study btw?
    And Dolly Ji, OMYGAWD you seem to be richy-rich, Etro paisa kaha bata ayo? Luga ko dukaan bata matrai etro paisa, either you must be very isshmart too hai or sumthing fishy is going there hai Navyaata ko Presidentni.These days government is tightening its grip on tax evaders and black money business. Tapailai pani Akhtiyar ma ma complain garideu?
    One more thing, is Malvika the 66th person to leave Navyaata or 67th? I am very byaad in myaaths k.

  19. Wow since when Pallavi (Dhakal) -I’m guessing – become a media “entrepreneur”.. i thought she was a funny faced item dancer.

  20. Pallavi Dhakal who? Someone in her family must have been a big fan of me, I think so, when she was born. AND Wow, Anonymous, I am sure you thought the real Kareena Kapoor(from jab we met :P) and our very own Rajesh Dai had made those comments up-above:D At least some peple have a name and face to show, sadly you dont have both jasto cha. Ouch!

    Now you will again guess I am Nisha Adhikary. ooffoo
    N Dont get surprised if Britney Spears starts commenting here 😀

  21. It was a great time working with Malvika di though i actually felt pretty nervous in front of her (a feeling that is still to be deciphered). She has always been a very good mentor to all of us at Navyaata. Malvika di , you will always be in our heart and your haircut toh is like super good!!
    However as for you Aisha Thapa- please get your facts right. Navyaata is not on sale. And hell to the stylists being homo. I am a one of the junior stylist here in Navyaata and i think your comment pushed the button a little too far. So look babes firstly you don’t even know any people from Navyaata and you still doll up your fancies by making the issue gender based. Listen UGLINESS,put yourself on sale- I think you are worth 20 bucks. And get a job and yes of course some BOTOX!!!
    And Harish- Himal Dai Graduated from MIT- so dream on son!! you won’t even get to step in such institute. And atleast Dollydi and Himal dai have a position where they can help others and trust me when they help …they will be by your side till the end. Its sad how people judge others without even knowing them. And by the way where the hell you graduated from BIG TALKER?

  22. you mean till’THE END’ of NAVYAATA ?
    btw where did tapaiko Dolly di GRADUATE from?

    p.s. and please u dont start guessing I am Manavi Dhakal feri

  23. Dear Pallavi Ko Bahini
    Please get a vocabulary test or take some English classes since you do not actually understand formal terms. Why are you so interested to know where did Dolly Di graduate from? Where did you graduate from? Dolly di owns Nepal’s most successful clothing outlet. And you????? And no i don’t know who MANAVI IS so i really am clueless, let alone guessing!

  24. And Pallavi Ko Bahini, it will be better if you mind your own business. I have no idea who are you and i don’t want to be in messy terms with WHOEVER your are. I haven’t made any comments provoking you. I was here to defend on Navyaata’s behalf so please don’t try to fit in. You will get nothing out of it.
    With all due respect.

  25. “Listen UGLINESS,put yourself on sale- I think you are worth 20 bucks. And get a job and yes of course some BOTOX!!!”

    Once again, that just proved something about yourself. If you don’t like anyone calling you a “homo”, then what I just quoted shouldn’t come from you. It doesn’t matter where one graduated from i.e MIT (yawn)because at the end of the day, your Himal Dai is stooping to such level, trying to clear things about Malvika and Navyaata, when he shouldn’t in the first place.

    Instead of you Navyaata staff coming to this blog defending yourselves, why don’t you focus more on your grammars, vocabs & spellings? While trying to achieve Kathmandu’s most successful store (buying clothes from R.B Complex, steam ironing them and selling it expensive doesn’t cut it, by the way), somewhere down the line, you guys have seemed to forget basic English. While you’re at it, whatever happened to ‘Face of the month’contest? Rs 1000 for an application. Ha! You must be joking. Helping, indeed ? Some of those girls had hopes. All you did was take their money and dashed their dreams.

    I think I said enough.

    P.S: Just to clarify, I am not THAT Pallavi Dhakal.

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