The Great Spinal Beetle Rally – Nepal



The Dixit family have completed a mega rally in their beetle for the Spinal Rehabilitation Centre Nepal. Kanak and Shanta Dixit have previously made two journeys on their spinal beetle to Dhaka but this time it was time to think and aim bigger. With an increasing demand of beds at the centre their target also grew to raise $110,000. Kanak and Shanta accompanied by their team were flagged off by President Ram Baran Yadav on the 4th November from Kathmandu and made their way south to Lumbini, Lucknow and various other states in India including Delhi where they were welcomed by actor Om Puri. They then progressed on to enter Pakistan and ultimately the journey came to an end at Peshawar on 16th November. Though only half of the total has been raised so far you can still donate now. If you were wondering why the renowned journalist [Kanak Dixit] was taking part in the cause then it was due to his nasty spinal accident in the past that nearly left him paralysed. It’s certainly a great move by the team. Well done to the Spinal Beetle Rally army!

Kanak and Shanta Explain

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