Happy 30th Birthday Britney!

Yes I really do feel the need to designate a whole post on wishing Britney Spears on her 30th Birthday. She truly is an icon to me [talentedORnottalented-IdontCARE]. She has entertained me through her music and her interviews. Though she doesn’t dance as she used to back when she was 17 when she shot to fame through Baby One More time you cannot deny that she was the best in her game during the times when she danced with a snake around her body. She left her counterparts a long way and she was in the game by herself. Now… that’s not the case, sadly her management and maybe herself – do not feel the need to promote herself, her last album or her recent tour as much as other artists such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry etc. There’s also a deep emptiness in her eyes if you watch her recent interviews which are all pre-recorded and do not have any depth or personal intimacy.

Her public downfall which led to her shaving her head and being carried out of a stretcher from her house and put in 50/50 holding literally made headlines around the world. Crazy Britney; everyone branded. The next Michael Jackson. Even after that whole fiasco, she’s put out two albums. Womanizer, Hold It Against Me shot to the charts. Done two world tours of which I went to both and enjoyed it very much. She motivates and inspires me, to be strong… as she always says you just have to ignore a lot of people when you start doing things publicly. I think that’s the best message I have learnt from Miss Spears. 

Britney with her two sons; Sean Preston and Jayden
Happy 30th Birthday Britney! Hope you find a happy place.

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