Wedding Bells – Nepal’s First Wedding Magazine!

Seen above is the stunning Namrata Shrestha gracing Nepal’s first ever wedding magazine; WEDDING BELLS. The first winter issue is out soon and will cost you Nrs 200! Now that might come across as also the most expensive Nepali magazine in the market but I guess it’s pretty understandable considering this is a wedding magazine. Wedding Bell’s is a product of ECS Media and Kishor Kayastha is a key figure in the magazine as with several other magazines in Nepal.

Namrata is surely looking beautiful. If you havent seen her interview with me then click here! I wonder if she got the sari for free… discounts maybe? lol

Lex Limbu
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  1. This is the lowest point in Nepali society (today). As if the other manual’s on life weren’t good enough, now a manual on one of the most treasured moment of a couples life. I m predicting a magazine on babies =)

    I really think that weddings have to be perfect and it always makes me sad that in nepal weddings are not so much thought about… apart from the ceremony and the venue ..
    it usually lacks personal touch… i do not personally believe in “weddings” but i love the idea of an event celebrating love between two people and celebrating their hope of growing old together and sharing every little moment in life …..
    i’m having big expectations and hoping for original ideas in this magazine.cant wait to receive a copy !!!!
    Lots of Nepalese people i think will laugh at the idea but i know women would appreciate it…. men that value relationships and respect the “marriage” would go a little bit beyond leaving it to others to arrange things 🙂

    ps good move to promote costume designers…. bakeries,interior decorators,catering and venues ..

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