Parcha Exhibition – Photos & Review!

Sophia Rai (left) with her designs
Here’s a quick look at the Parcha Exhibition that happened just this weekend in London. The two day event successfully brought together over 40 talents from aspiring models, designers to rising musical and dance talents. Not to forget the painters/artists and photographers oh and also over 500 spectators. 
It was an event which probably required a lot of planning and preparation in the days leading up to it as the team members present during the exhibition could be seen rushing from here to there to keep everything in order. The exhibition had the presence of His Excellency Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise; the Nepali ambassador to the UK on Saturday and designer Sanyukta Shrestha was also spotted observing the fashion show on Sunday. Aside from the usual Nepali crowd being pleased by the art and music there were several non-Nepali’s observing what was on display at the exhibition. 
Parcha Exhibition was a vast improvement from the Ranginai Parcha Art Exhibition that only took place earlier this year. Some talents must be beaming with joy thanks to Parcha Production as a total of 9 artworks were sold and many more received offers to work in different establishments. There was two parts to the fashion show that took place on Sunday; first to showcase the 7 Designers and second to showcase the clothes from Vintage Basement and MaxC London. All of the designs were poles apart from the way they were made to the material that was used by the ‘7 Designers’. The fashion show which had enamored the several hundred crowd unexpectedly broke into cheers and laughter when Sexy Shishi burst into the catwalk in his best version of the walk scene from Zoolander. If there was any showstopper then it was certainly the man himself.
Well done to the team behind the scenes, on the scene and waiting to be seen.
My ‘Personal’ Highlights
Samir Thapa’s Acoustic Performance
Chhimmi Gurung and Sophia Rai’s Designs
Illustrations by Dami Kollektive
Govinda Azad’s Work
Samir Thapa 
Amir Gurung, GG, Jerusha Rai, Shreya Rai
Krishma Subba’s Design
Dami Kollektive
Me with a friend (Sunday)
Rasmi Dewan’s Design
Valinda Rai’s Design
Sexy Shishi
Lex Limbu
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