Whats Happening: Saraswati Peace School

If you guys remember few months ago a group of friends and myself representing our charity organisation Live For Change handed over a cheque of 1 Lakh 2 Thousands rupees to Saraswati Peace School which is located in Gorkha district. Well the money we raised through various events and sales of our popular wristbands have been put into good use as the school now can boast of projection and computer facilities.

But it’s not over. It’s never over. If you at home want to help Saraswati Peace School gain clean water access for the children then please do by voting online [no money required]. The project with the most votes will be awarded a $5000 USD grant.

Vote Here 24 Days Left.

Lex Limbuhttps://lexlimbu.com
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  1. “tapaai ley garirahanu bhayeko kaam dherai sarhaaniye chha” saehai khushi lagyo tapai ko naam fb ma padhda ta yesto kaam garirahanu bhayeko chha jasto lagdaina, ma pani kehi sahayog garnu chaahanchhu yesko laagi k garnu parchha mailey… kripaya jawaaph pathaaunu hola…. arjun

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