Who Looks Better? Jharana or Malina?

Here’s a dress which seems to be doing the rounds. On the left you can see actress Jharana Thapa wearing the pink dress from Neelima’s Boutique during the filming for the upcoming Nepali film ‘Facebook’ [directed by Suraj Subba Nalbo] and on the right you can see your current Miss Nepal Malina Joshi wearing it on the finale of Miss World on the 6th of November in London.

Who wear’s it better?

PS. I have attached the original photo’s below for curious eyes.

Jharana Thapa in Singapore during the filming for ‘Facebook’
Malina Joshi at the finale of Miss World in London
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  1. For a second, I was shocked how could lex compare his own Jharana with anyone else? But then I find out it is Jharana Thapa instead LOL

  2. oh god NEITHER!! but if i have to choose..the dress looks quite appropriate on MALINA .. fits the occasion..but her hair is a disaster..Jharana must’ve faced a lot of tourist glares..

  3. honestly saying i am not a very big fan of the dress itself but this round malina wins. atleast she is groomed and her hair and makeup compliments it. jt doesnt do any justice to me sorry

  4. To be honest I didn’t like the dress and design.But why on the earth this coincident or (whatever)has to happen.It is actually embarrassing ;; SOL ^_^

  5. Malina is posing and her pic looks more brighter than Jharana’s. And Jharana has been caught offguard. If she was posing for the cam too maybe she could have looked better. So, it’s not fair to judge who looks better…

  6. Neelima is not a designer at all and Malina is looking so scary and Jharana is ok with it. How could this dress had been worn in Miss World??? All the dress are brought from India, not a single piece is a designer piece in Neelima’s Creation.

  7. seriously??? ugggh…whats with the dress… its U.G.L.Y…..can’t believe it was worn by miss nepal in the world beauty paegent!!!! :O YUCK! and yea i think, though it suits neither, jharana was caught off guard..and she looks better…definitely!

  8. malina makes the fugly dress look good with her stunning earnest smile. Jharana might’ve i dono but the scowl doesnt help the fact that the dress is already quite a disaster. Malina all the way. (:

  9. its not fair to compare two of them while one is posing for camera and other is caught randomly!! and about dress…its weird!!

  10. what a horrible dress,like a some netting over pink peticote, not properiate to wear for Miss world pagent at all.makes u look fat n ugly .dont look good either of them .

  11. the dress is bizarre!! and its a loud make up on malina’s face ..and jharana looks kinda upset anyway lol hence,the ladies look awkward in the dress…

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