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Presenting to you, the fifth installment from Lex in Nepal – Gay Pride Nepal. A video that covers the second Gay Pride parade that took place on the 14th August 2011 in Narayangadh in Nepal. I certainly hope you watch the video. This was actually the first video that we filmed from the series of six therefore I would like to apologise beforehand for the crappy audio. I hope you like the intro animation. 

And you know, talking about Gays, Transgenders, HIV and AIDS probably isn’t cool or as fun as watching this or that but this is what I choose to show, be it a destination that hasn’t been promoted well (Janakpur) or subjects that people are still wanting to avoid. If you can watch it then do so, if this simply isn’t what you wish to see then I’m not forcing you to view it. 

Prawesh Limbu
Bhawana May Rai
Laxcha Bantawa
Warrak Limbu
Sameer Gurung
Meghna Lama

19/12/2011 – Im enjoying reading the contrasting opinions regarding this matter and the encouraging feedback. Here’s one opinion which was a must share:

‎”Being Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or Transgender is a part of someone’s identity. What’s wrong if one man is emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually attracted to another man? what’s wrong if one woman choose to have sex and live her entire life with another woman? Why should one give a shit if his or her gender identity does not match the social expectation for the physical sex they were born with? Being born in a “Hindu Priest’ family and grown up in a cultural society I still carry all those Values and ethics taught by my parents and elders and will be carrying forever. But there is something vital than religion, more important than culture or tradition, more natural than social norms and values i.e, ‘human equality and social justice.” But homosexuality is yet to be considered as obvious and natural in our society and shame on those so-called educated and civilised youth activists who often chant the slogan of equality and diversity but shut their mouth when its time to raise awareness and advocate for ‘Same sex marriage’ . Nevertheless, I can see the hight of hope emerging from somewhere and I am proud of it. This is a video by Lex in Nepal- Gay Pride Nepal that covers the second Gay Pride took place on the 14th August 2011 in Narayangadh(Nepal). Would like to request all of you to watch this and if possible do share. Finger crossed ‘Same sex marriage will get place in our new Constitution’ … ‘HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT CRIME, HOMOPHOBIA IS’. – Surya Prakash Bhatta

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. One of your best works so far! Thoroughly enjoyed this webisode. I look forward to the other installments of your trip to Nepal. 🙂


  2. How can appreciating a gay community can actually take a nation forward. I am a bit old fashioned so to me things like these is a bit of a eye soar. I do understand their views but being so open n voicing opinions in such demonstration is just a bit too much in a nation where more that half of population is conservative.

  3. really good work lex…everyones got right to live soo people just needs to stop being narrow minded and stop making lifes difficult for other people,no matter how ever they are gay lesbian straight or what ever

  4. I don’t know whether to applaud u or get really angry???First of all my thoughts were right, U r gay(yes, I judged you as You are so famous , i think its okay)…lol..anyways on to the topic, I am no stereotype or homophobic.People don’t choose to be gay or straight, they are born that way. I can fully understand and accept the fact that they need to be respected and have all the rights they need. They should be recognized and so on. I have no problem but interviewing a kid and a foreigner who does not give a fuck about whats happening in our country is so lame. If you wanna raise so much awareness and things you should get in touch with people who make those legislation, for u its so easy to get Jharana bajracharya and so called celebs interveiw, why not go to the people who makes the law and ask them straight away, I feel so sorry for that lil kid whom you made so uncomfortable…..uff…..I am so dissapointed in you and your attitude….our country is progressing and everything takes time, we just need to wait. Raising the question about making gay marriage legal in the parliament is a huge step, what more can you ask. Your questions in the video seems so desperate that it looks ugly. Dissapointed bhai 🙁 Atleast you tried 🙂

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