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Once again there’s been a whole lot of cursing and uniting against India in the past couple of days and all it took was Bollywood movie trade analyst Komal Nahta to say ”Not to forget Nepal territory, because Nepal territory is also part of India” while explaining the box office collection for the Shah Rukh Khan starrer DON 2. When I heard that, I felt uneasy as well. But then I wondered why a grown man, who surely is educated would say such a nothing. After fishing for clarifications Komal Nahta took to twitter and justified himself by saying that ”for film business purposes, the business of Nepal territory is, in fact, added to the business of India (NOT overseas, as you would believe).” Fair enough, maybe he did have a point for saying that, but it’s annoying now that the millions of geographically challenged Indian viewers will now think that Nepal is actually a territory of India (oh no).
Since we Nepali’s tend to be sensitive about our boundaries, maybe it’s time we stop hating on India and if we do care then we should press our own film industry leaders to reshape the system.
PS. The full clarification ‘statement’ by Komal Nahta is included in the jump below. 
ALSO. I enjoyed DON 2 – it was soo UN-BOLLYWOOD, did you guys like it?


Sorry, guys, to disappoint you. If you have a problem with me saying “not to forget the Nepal territory because Nepal territory is also a part of India”, please be informed that for film business purposes, the business of Nepal territory IS, IN FACT, added to the business of India (NOT Overseas, as you would believe). If you are unaware, let me inform you that deals for the Bihar territory are, technically speaking, deals for Bihar-Nepal territory. Alleging that I had ulterior motives in stating that Nepal territory is a part of India is both, childish and incorrect. ETC Bollywood Business is a show on Bollywood and whoever thinks, I would talk Geography or, for that matter, anything other than films on it, must be seriously delusional.

I respect the feelings of the Nepalese people but if they are so touchy about Nepal being treated as part of India for assessing the domestic business of films, let them take up the matter with the film industry leaders in India and Nepal. How can I be held responsible because I am stating what has been the norm for years? If the business of UK, USA, Australia and other foreign countries is included in the business of Overseas but the business of just one foreign country – Nepal – is added to the business of India for the purpose of arriving at the domestic business of films, how in the wildest of dreams can I be held responsible? It doesn’t need to be overemphasised that I was speaking in the context of the business of the film, Don 2, and not about geographical limits or territories when I was discussing the business figures of the Shah Rukh starrer. Why on earth would I discuss Geography or try to change it on a TV show called ETC Bollywood Business?

Think, guys, think. Quoting someone out of context – as some of you are quoting me – is dangerous, not reporting the facts – which is what I have done on the show.


Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.
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  1. Hello, Mr. Nath, we like your show and the Bollywood Stars and We are kind, honest and Helpful but this doesn’t mean that we will remain calm when anyone talks about Nepal and Nepalis matter foolishly.

    The sentence may have double meanings which hurts Nepalis in either way.

    It has been done in past, several times. We are not angry towards what you said but want to tell you that Nepal was, is and will be an individual country and it is not a part of India in any way. It should always be mentioned as a neighboring country to India or Friendly Country to India.

    Please do some research and selection of the words before saying things which is not true about others.

  2. We need to banned hindi film in our country so we can grow Nepali Film industry bettter then it will help to develop our country n many people will get chance to get job as well so no need to be in dubai ………….. What do you think guys?

  3. Hello Mr. Nath, you are just a another crooked minded person in the media. Unlike India being ruled by British Imperialists, Nepal is just an independent country and ever will. I love the way you make excuses to prove that you are not guilty. We all believe it was truly intentional , and you will definetly have to responsible as to what you had stated. You must be punished. No damn excuses.
    This sort of irresponsible statement has been in the news time and again.

  4. breeding like bugs and annoying the rest of the world is what fuckin Indians do best…if they continue to annoy us the Gurkhas..we’ll eradicate them from the history of the human kind….what a lame excuse freakin asshole……

  5. Nepal is a sovereign country. making such statements on mass media at a public level will create doubt on the soverignity of Nepal as nation. such statements hinders the sovereignity of a nation and is no less then a terriost act and such be punished by law. this is an offence which can be tried by the courts.

  6. all i can say is i would give him a nice bit of my turning kick…..before i would listen to his justifications……..

  7. somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad, somebody…. I wont tell who…. you must be knowing…. somebody!!

  8. Haamro desh Nepal satilae saraapaeako desh bhanchhan tesailae hola haami chahera pani khi garna sakirako chhainam,, jaha samma tiyo dhotiko statement thiyo ma bhanna chahanchuu teslai Nepalimaa gaali ani aba haamilae Nepal India ko free border samapta gari passport system laagu garnu parchh natra bhanae ek din haami pani Sikkim ko haal hunae chhau,,JAYA NEPAL!!!

  9. i agree with above comments and that Nath need to improve his geography knowledge…..he need to think twice before saying…

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