Priyanka Karki Talks Sex

Beauty Queen/VJ/Model/Actress Priyanka Karki was recently talking about sex in an interview. Dubbed the comeback kid by a recent publication Priyanka spoke openly regarding sex and her choices. Now I’m debating by myself regarding whether it’s good to have public figures talk so openly about their sex life! I believe in talking about sex but talking about sex life… hmmm. I’m not so keen on it… let me know what you guys think!

Priyanka’s frankness on sex/sex life surely did amuse me as she tackled the question about where is a good place to have sex by answering:

 ”Well, the bedroom is a common place…but maybe sex can be more fun in closets or on dining tables I guess…”

This was followed by her favourite position to which she explained how ”being on top is a lot of exercise”. 

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Lex Limbu
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  1. I’ve always found the Nepalese media/people to be a bit shy towards the topic.. I think it’s no biggie.. We need to be less inhibited.. There are other far more concerning issues in people’s lives..

  2. I think what she quoted is alright coz it does not appear to be vulgar nor censory type although it may offend some people in our society but then again its her personal life and what she feels, thats why the interview was take in the first place.
    She,s been honest (well thats what i assume) and I appreciate the fact that she was bold enough to talk about sex in an interview in today,s time where most media icons hesitate to speak on such topics.
    However, although it seems or may seem that she being open on her private preferences is not likely to be done by most people but i personally feel there,s nothing wrong with what she said and nothing to exaggerate on coz she could have said it in a jolly behaviour or in a fun context like you know how media ppl try and have fun in interviews.
    Nonetheless everybody does it and will do it someday (lol) and if they dont do it then i feel sorry for them (lol js kddn) and although if they dont say abt it yet we have to be adult enough to understand what she said and let it pass rather than focus on it.
    Its the 21st century babe.

    PS : Hey Lex, waddup? lol

  3. I think it really depends on your personality. If I was in her shoes and the media dared to ask me such question either it was in a fun way or not, I wud answer coyly- “next question” and laugh it off. When u know media has the charisma to attack left, right, up, down?y wud u wanna take risk? I bet she wudn’t like when her children google her name ahd they know abt mom’s fav sexual not a gud example.

  4. It’s her feelings and sentiments. Yes for sure , it doesn’t matter if anyone freely talks about sex life. It’s our and everybody’s right. God gifted , no hiding. 🙂

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