Bollywood Actress Sings Nepali Kolaveri Di


Well this certainly is fascinating!

Check out the Bollywood actress Udita Goswami singing the popular song Kolaveri Di in Nepali! There is quite a lot of Nepali words mixed into the song. It’s nice to see someone from Bollywood use the Nepali language in a positive light. I hope people see it in a good way and don’t start up another, Nepal-India border tension talks. If you’re thinking UDITA who, then she’s been in movies such as Paap, Zeher, Aksar etc.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. Abhi dhotilae Nepali gaayo bhanera haami Nepali makkha hunupardaina,, yo ta yiniharuko naatak maatra ho ani pachhi bistarai Nepalmaa hindi bhasako prakop badhayara Nepallai pani Indiamai gaabnae yi dhotiharuko bistarbad niti haami Nepalilae nabhujheaka hoinam ra???

  2. First of all her mom is Nepali , i think that’s y she sang dis song in Nepali just take easy dont take it otherwise guys …bcoz Fool ko Aankha ma Fool nai sansaar hoina ra ?

  3. Yes, I heard long time back she even lived in Nepal for short period of time, I always thought that was somebody’s guff, but I guess its true !

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