Let There Be LIGHT

There’s a free concert taking place on the 18th February at the Lainchaur Ground and it’s demanding LIGHT! To put you at more ease, rockstar Abhaya Subba explains more about the event:

”Our biggest crisis is not the lack of electricity or the lack of fuel. Our biggest crisis is the lack of interest of our very own Nepalis in the future of Nepal. The deeply entrenched culture of “ke garnu, yestai ho!” has to change. Only when Nepalis look within themselves and learn to value who and what they are rather than price everything they own and have, will we face a spring – the Nepali spring. Only when we Nepalis start realizing that we deserve more than darkness and insufficiency will we welcome a brighter future. As it so happens – no, it’s not the government that we are protesting against – we are gathering in Lainchaur in search of ourselves, we are gathering there to find our value and worth and we will do it with music and love. We will hold hands and find a way to unite as a people so that we find our way through the darkness into the light!  This darkness in Nepal is a metaphor. Our realization that there is darkness will bring the light to this Nation.”

You can read her full note on Facebook by clicking here! Go for it, you deserve to speak! To be more than just a mere number but to be part of a voice. When the world is developing rapidly, Nepal seems to be losing more of it’s urban quality day by day; be it access to health, water, power! It’s time to take a stand… and let’s not give up. Let There Be Light.

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