Wai Wai Gyan Jyoti Advert


Check out this new ad by WAI WAI!

I do enjoy WAI WAI’s advertisement, they’re very Nepali oriented. There was another one in the past which showed the cultures of Madhesi people to the Pahadi. That was great and this one’s even better, it uncovers so much more than just Wai Wai!

Few of the children and the main boy featured on the ad are from the Koseli School – yes the same school that was featured for the finale video for ‘Lex in NEPAL’. My only concert is the length of this advert. Seem’s a bit long for a TV ad which probably means it’s not for TV?

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  1. I guess it is. from what I know Wai Wai advertisement are always long. They broadcast long ads for some time,then they might broadcast the edited short version. I think so hai. 🙂 I like them too.

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