Gurkhas Pay Up To $30 For Chicken!

In Nepalese Rupees that’s up to 2340 approximately for one chicken!
But you should totally pay buy it! Especially when you’re working in one of the world’s most dangerous places = AFGHANISTAN! The Nepalese men who make up the Gurkha regiment often get tired of the bland ration food provided by the British army and opt to buy local chicken and goat from the Afghan people! It is said that a goat can cost up to $200 US dollars! Steep price, but totally make’s sense when you’re working and putting your life on the line. Who care’s about it being expensive right?

Read the full article here, written by Anup Kaphle for The Washington Post National.

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  1. Been there and done that. We used to pay approx. $100 for a goat and $10-20 for chicken in 2010. Anyway, its better to eat chicken/goat curry than eat “tutaphuta” compo rations!!

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