Nrs 2.3 Million Sent to Myagdi by UK Nepalis

Happy News!

Nepali’s living and working in the UK who are originally from Myagdi have extended their support by raising over thousands of rupees for the development of their village. The Myagdi Bim Society UK is supporting the Bim Village financially with an injection of Nrs 2.3 Million rupees for various projects including the construction of Sanikhola Micro Hydropower Project, installation of wireless internet, construction of school among others. This update was informed by the society secretary Krishna Prasad Jukjali to The Kathmandu Post.

With the growing number of Nepalis in the UK we now are witnessing far too many societies forming, whether it’s a society to bring a certain type of caste together or it’s a society to bring together a profession much solely focus on increasing membership fee and doing thing’s in the UK. However, having a healthy balance where society’s invest their money in the UK whilst contribute back home would be ‘ideal’. 

Way to go Myagdi Bim Society UK! Afno gau afule na banaye aru kasle banaii dincha ra?

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Lex Limbu
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  1. Wow, i knew this was done my magars. Something that runs down in blood.

    P.S I respect all other people too 🙂

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