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Do you guys remember watching a Nepali animation that was previously on called SERU? Well here is the joint winner alongside Seru of the ONE FILM 3D Animation Challenge in December 2011, this is No Light made by Qurien Design and Animation Company in Nepal. No light is pretty a impressive work, I particularly liked it how they’ve taken up an issue of load-shedding and projected it through their animation. That’s a automatic bonus as it’s something which millions are affected with on a daily basis. And the overall presentation and moments captured were very real.
“No Light” an animation short -represents just few problems where a character daily life has been suffered & unbalanced by power shortage living in a situation in country like Nepal.

The character starts his day in no light zone affecting his basic needs from water supply, communication, working environment to entertainment & resulting into sleep deprivation. The constant uncertainty of electric power supply affects all the modern electronic equipments which the character rely on & finally destabilizing his daily personal & professional life.

The short film “No Light” symbolize how one starts the day having sleepless night in no light zone.

What do you guys think of NO LIGHT?

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Lex Limbu
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  1. It’s Awesome!
    The way this animated video has represent the ‘load shedding’ problem in Nepal is simply great!

    Thank U Lex’ For Sharing!

  2. lets see what she is cookin dat she is so much proud of being in Great Britain

    Watching this Nepali Animation – I’m so grateful I’m living in a country where there’s 24/7 power and running water etc. And people in Nepal and beyond, y’all are survivors!

    Check out the moment when the guy is watching football, it’s that vital moment, will he score? SNAP = NO LIGHT.
    – Lex


  3. this is awesome.. something I never knew about but it is true no light causes lots of problem in different parts of the country in nepali especially during winter time when there is shortage of water as well.. anyhow thanks for sharing.

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