Sunanda Banskota in Dr.EGGS Video!


Many of you here probably haven’t heard of Dr.EGGS… I certainly hadn’t but I believe they are a French electronic punk rock band that are quite popular on myspace and have a growing number of listeners worldwide!

Now add more Nepali listeners onto the list as their most recent music video for ‘Little Thing’ was filmed in Nepal. I must say this video was very filmy, fully entertaining! From taking a classic song Kusume Rumal to a short dance routine in the middle of the city and lastly the girl being taken by the guys! Total worth the time spent watching!! And the video features the eye-candy that is Sunanda Banskota, she has been featured in countless print ads from NCELL, Navyaata magazine to Coca-Cola! She’s looking beautiful!

I don’t quite know if the guyliner worked for the singer though, hot or not?

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Lex Limbu
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