Himalaya TV Wants To Be Your Mum!


At this moment all I want to say is ”WHAT THE FUCK”.

Having just watched a 23 minute long clip from some ‘reporter’ wannabe from Himalaya TV (one of many new Nepali TV channels), I am very appalled with what I saw. The PRIME STORYs issue is Sex and Love, focusing on the Valentines Day that just passed. I hope all of you watch it and I don’t know whether you will agree or disagree to what I have to say but what I have to say is written below.

True. Nowadays there are many youngsters rushing in love. The girl might be naive and may think hes the one, whilst for the guy she might be just another one. And how do we avoid this? Well we can’t. The last thing we ought to do is to get a group of Nepal Police/Army and a team of cameraman and knock on the hotel rooms and ask what the couple are doing and how they know each other. This is against our human rights. There is not a law which bans two people from having sex! Leave aside love for now… even if two people are having sex and they don’t know each others name, they ARE NOT breaking the law! Yes, that’s probably not a good practice in our traditional society but it’s NOT breaking the law! As long as both of the individuals are above the age of legal consent, which is 16 for Nepal then there’s nothing wrong. I seriously don’t know why the police and the HIMALAYA TV are playing the parents here!!!!!! If they are so concerned with this so called ‘bikriti’ then enforcing a stronger sex education in schools would be wiser. But then again, HOW CAN YOU EDUCATE SOMEONE ABOUT LOVE? I would’ve said one learns many things by watching TV, reading magazines; what’s right, what’s wrong, but when national television channels are showing such things; taking away people’s right to love! to have sex! Then I don’t know where on earth we Nepalis can learn from. 

In a society like ours, bringing the boyfriend or the girlfriend back to each others houses is not seen as right… even in Western countries some parents do not like this act. So there really is no alternative left but to seek the option of spending the night at a guest house or a hotel if they wish to make love. It’s better than making love outdoors. If the police etc arrested or were keeping an eye out for couples making love outdoors, I would understand that, that’s not appropriate. But to knock and go inside the hotel and ask for proof of relations! That’s simply absurd. Why don’t our newly adopted parents urge hoteliers to be more tougher on cleanliness if they’re so concerned about finding used condoms in the bins. Again, I would like to say even hotels cannot say – oh you’re not married, you can’t stay here. Wait, do these police and Himalaya TV people even live in NEPAL? I’m sure there are more pressing matters going on no? 

I don’t know what you guys make of it, I would love to hear your point of view but the method that they used here is totally something I disapprove of. If they were so keen on investigating this then they could’ve done it via alternative way, simply interviewing couples in restaurants asking their views about love, sex etc. 

truly disgusted.

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  1. wow! I am probably the version of “a nice nepali girl” who doesn’t drink much or engage in the number of relationships, but this is absolutely disgusting. Sex is by no means a “kalo kartut”. People who wish to have it have the right to do so. The media will seriously do anything to make money. Mainly now, because of the growing number of channels and high competition.

  2. i say punch down the intruders!! ” hello intruders, what happened to minimising crimes like girls’ traficking? man up and go save real victims”

  3. This is so wrong. Like seriously? Instead of spending money on labour for investigating on something that is just not totally irrelevant to the benefit of the country and the youth but also, barging into people’s privacy like that? OMG! I’m just SO surprised noone in the video had the guts to tell the polices that they what they were doing was wrong. Its a wonder how the polices sleep at night!

    Whoever came up with the idea has a disgusting mind. Pardon my thoughts but i swear the people who came up with the ideas are sexually frustrated and mentally fucked.

  4. Pathetic..Sick!! What kind of country we are living in?? This is total encroachment on people’s personal life. If the channel wanna do something good then why don’t they try stopping girl trafficking and save a girl from forceful sex!!

  5. the worst Tv channel ever….journalist are uneducated about human rights and the need of sexual life ..they dont even know what the adult age of 16 mean according nepal standard….bullshit.

  6. I dont see any connection between Valentine’s day and sex bazaar..so why is the anchor keep repeating about Valentine’s day?
    And also whats wrong on a couple staying up in a hotel..or what is wrong with two people staying up in a hotel..I agree with Lex..all we need to do is aware people about sex education..intervening in private properties and private lives is by no means acceptable..its just absurd.

  7. People have right to sex on mutual understanding, its not a rape case. These media personals should get lot of knowledge of human right and privacy. They must not be limited to old education , which in this case shows up their work.

    Be more professional in your work . Now you all have internet, and other advance means of media and communication for to get more information. Update yourself.

    And stop harrasing weak working class people, when you are afraid to even talk about crime , corruption commited by politican and gangsters.

  8. i knew dis would happen one day and just happened ..its none of the reporter business …with whom who is sleeping i just fucking hate that……oh god i hate dis reporter …need to get some slap in his ass…lex do something abt it…u can band dis tv or u can even report abt such thing right ..just do something..we will definitely support u …peace

  9. They had no right to film the couples, them fucking media people
    Someone should sue the stupid company
    I don’t know but my mum is watching this with me she says there are no rules in nepal right now, but can you film someone without their permission??

    ~~~~~Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens~~~~~

  10. I don’t feel appalled, outraged or anything after I saw the police bit

    I just feel sorry for the situation and mentality of Nepalese media, bunch of suckers. . ..

    Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

  11. All I can say is the TV reporter can’t make his wife scream at night. Why not let the world bear his sexual frustration?

    PS, does he know what Viagra is???

  12. This is so cruel……why to interrupt others privacey or so called private life? Also I agree and support that All the Hospitality Industry of Nepal Specially the Hotels should unite together for your own rights! How can you survive if this types of direct n open/public interruption happened to your valuable guests in your hotel?

    Also as Lex said there should be proper education system at school and the family should provide appropriate environment n “Sanskar” to their children or if not let the grown up to decide how they want to spend their own life!

    I just think that those person were just Jealous of them! It definitely shouldn’t happened next time!……So narrow minded n So shame!

    Leela Limbu

  13. Such a fucking idiots they are!! I wish the channel and the crew behind this program get BADLY sued…There’s no doubt that all becoz of these kinda mentalities, we r left very far behind in almost everything. It’s absolutely pathetic that just to gain the TRP of the channel, they’re willing to go against their morale & ethics.
    WAKE UP! JUST MIND UR FUCKIN BUSINESS!! If u can’t make someone’s life better; u don’t have the rights to spoil as well…They just can’t imagine the victims getting psychologically traumatised after being raided in the middle of the night…Don’t know what made the channel’s mind to think that raiding on a single night i.e14th of feb will bring down the ‘kalo kartoot’…………Thank u Lex for sharing the vdo..

  14. its their sex life.. i don’t get why the police are getting involved. it wasn’t like one of them were forced to do it.

  15. Oh god,,even in this 21st century these shit stupid journalists nd police force spend a time to doing these things….its really disgusting…j

  16. I wish someone would sue them! Abroad bhako bhaye! Tha pauthyo! Nepal ma tyasto kina hunna! It’s against ones right!

  17. anyone would probably say WTF!!! when they hear and see such issues..instead of spreading positive impact upon the viewers they are actually supporting to the conservative minded people of corrupted minded society proving this day is not Valentine’s day rather sex day. Fuck!!!its anyone choice to do what they feel about.I mean we are in 21st century and still we lack behind is proven by these educated people trying to seduce themselves by giving nonsense shit.I feel guilty to say when we are in such a society where making love privately is a crime. Its their duty to give true information but they don’t have any right to others privacy. Its good when they offer like information on giving awareness to the society towards not making wrong things on the very day especially to adolescence about using protections or concern on issues like sexually transmitted diseases..and others. But this is not the rational way to use their power to information for the privacy of anyone’s life. I think we should rather concern about these informative things than to engage in others private life. Its impact may be more negative in future. So I think this is not the way , obviously its disgusting!!! I admit it.

  18. OH MY GOD
    this is the limit…..this is simply not acceptable that media is entering the hotels and lodges for the sake of TRP…btw ppl for the sake of privacy take shelter in a hotel and it is their wish to do whatever they want to……

  19. yo nepali police(danthe) ko kei kam chaina waiyaad ma samayako barbad!! dher check nagar kunai bela tero bainii,,budi wa ama huna sakchhe,,thuloo kam garish dantheee!!!

    jay nepal!!!

  20. This is utter disgusting.I think Nepali media has to gone to far to collect materials like this and release like this. This is too much, no media ethics and no privacy.
    As long as an individual is over 18 year they have every right to have their life the way they think is right including their sex life as long as they are not violating or breaking the law in the state. This right have has been clearly violated by the senseless media media, interfering people’s private life. It is a sheer disgust and shameless.To make the matter more worst, nepal police is also backing up this interference, what a shame?. A serious question really arise from this video, are we lacking simple and small meaning of giving people their own privacy.Oh please please please stop this.


  22. What the fuck, u said it right bro. Yo muji channel haru lai samachar chahiyeko cha, matra khabar bane pugyo. manche ko private matter ma yesari khulla hastachep garnu kasto kura ho, tes mathi purai video nai publish garera, tes mathi ultai Police ko guidence ma. hera yesto cha nepal ko estiti. Yes kura ma, tyo channel ko birudda ra tyo police ko buraddha ma, Public ko private life mathi gareko durbyabohar ko case ma Action hunu parcha. tara ke garne nepal ma esto kura ko lagi kei hola ra, jasle je gare pani bhayeko cha.

  23. I am just wondering if they found any underage children/drug users/criminals/rapists or kidnappers through all the trouble they went thru….or else I dont understand why they did it..its just plain stupid to disturb adults enjoying v-day…its not like they were disrupting society through public display…i wanna ask them…wud U like to share to public what u do behind UR closed door???

  24. The f**king journalists don’t know the ethics of journalism. Please help to kick these stupids who are trying to act against one’e privacy.

  25. there’s a Nepali saying(Nepal ko Kanuun Afui Afui Janoon)..In my view they are BOTH(cops and the victims) absoultely wrong!!reasons you know the reasons about cops..but for the guys and girls esp. GIRLS they do not realise the consiquences they wud be having in future when they marry and settledown..well’ what i mean is nepalese girls these days(like majority western girls) dunt wait for sex till marriage and end up loosing there virginity with so called thier boyfreind in which case approx 80% of them WILL NOT end up getting married to..AND this my friend,will bring arguments,fuked up mind and everyting to tht poor lad who happen to marry such girl and end up in divorce/split(reason why the rate is soo high in the west and increasing in Nepal)…be honest who would wanna marry a not virgin girl ryt?BUT agen saying all these,theres another nepali saying (Khaney Mukh lai Jungale Chekdaina)..So no matter how strict the laws are, how Shiit a media or channels cud be or even in the country where there is sheria law? these murder,sex,fraud,love,rape etc etc will go on…

  26. Fucking disguisting!! I didnt even know these media personnel can lower their standard to this level!! I really appreciated the growing nepali media but this what am seeing right now…. i feel pity on ’em!! All i wanna say to himalayan tv is FUCK YOU!! GET A FUCKING LIFE!!

  27. Each nd evry1 of us knows dat revealing or interfering on ny1’s personal lyf iz none of those cops nd tv channels business nd iz completely against d law.
    M nt speaking by d side of those victim also, my only point iz Y those so called responsible tv chanels nd cops r themselves acting lyk an immature kid…

  28. WTF!
    hey their isn’t even 1 literate person in dat fucking himalaya tv? n same is in police force as well!!!
    wat kind of thinking they have…!!!
    really i m speechless!!!
    fucking wig!!

  29. machikney ……
    tyo cops tyo reporter tyo channel sab randi kaaa baan ….. chadai maros and mordaaa ni virgin maros … sex garda lado bata ragan bagos saley haru

  30. Late posting but this report came a week or so after a Pakistani report of a similar nature. I feel like…. The nature of the older generations in Nepal and few here is just small minded, self righteous twats. And I feel like they were trying to mimic the other report, like they have it in their heads that it’s right? Ethical?! How?!

    Like already mentioned, they don’t focus on important things like educating villages to sustain a better lifestyles, saving child brides and stopping sex traffickers. just a bunch of Intolerant and immoral arsewipes.

  31. “Prem lai galat tarikale represent gariyo rey”!! Well how does he wants us to represent it? Probably ditching our dick in his mouth! Son of a bitch! Literacy and morality are two different aspects of human life and many of the Nepalese seems lacking they.

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