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The River Below
Representing/Wembley, London
We, The River Below are a simple creation of five enthusiastic individuals comprising of Manoj (vocalist), Deonman (guitarist), Binay (guitarist), Ajay (drummer) and Satish (bassist) from Wembley, London. Since our inception on early 2010 The River Below has performed man shows in our local area and we’ve gained quite a lot of support and have a growing popularity. Despite the busy work life, we are working very hard to produce best music with a full devotion towards our goal, overcoming barriers in daily life and putting them in our music We hope to expand our skills and experience and of course, to win the hearts of more listeners of new generation throughout the competition rather than just winning the prize. 
The videos are from the first T-FEST gig which took place on the 13th February 2012 in London.

Here’s what online judge Phiroj Shyangden (1974 AD) had to say:  I like both the songs by the river below…first song is too good.. and the combination of the band is v nice bt let me tell you guyz…one of the major thing is need to interact with the audiences…everyone seem like v still lookin at the guitar chord n notes…like the attitude of vocalist…keep rockin..

Rate: 9/10

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