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Ashik Gurung
I have been singing since I was five; I love singing and writing songs. I feel I can express myself the most and the best through singing. I am taking part in T-FEST because I feel this is an awesome opportunity to showcase my singing and to build my confidence by overcoming the fear to face the crowd. I just hope I get your support as it will mean an awful lot to me.
The videos are from the first T-FEST gig which took place on the 13th February 2012 in London. Catch the show live next in Farnborough and Maidstone!

PHIROJ SHYANGDEN (1974AD): Hey Ashik your voice v much..both the songs are too sang in a higher pitch..but needs to put lill effort to the higher notes rests are perfect…like your xpression..keep on doin bro…bless..

Rate: 9/10

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