Sexy Rekha Thapa PHOTOS

We all love to talk about her, follow her, and laugh at her!
But Heyy, we love Rekha Thapa! She’s the most entertaining figure in our Nepali cineworld, for me anyway! Rekha Thapa is seen here alongside her ANDAAJ co-star Sabin Shrestha for a what looks like a very Valentine themed photo-shoot. The actress is seen in her trademark denim hot pants! I must say’ she’s looking quite hawttt! #nojoke 

What’ do you like the most about Rekha Thapa?

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  1. actually i looked for Rekha thapa after reading her joke of sabai vanda maan parne ful-flower.but i found her a very down to earth,no attitude and confident persona which is wat i liked abt her

  2. the 3rd pic is like WOWWWWWWWW. how the heck did she get there n dammm she is flexible, the guy O.K. (for rekha’s catageory) sarange hae o Rekha NEPALS WILD CAT 🙂

  3. sexy pictures re!..hasaucha tasto ni sexy…they seem 2 be trying too hard offense 2 “rekha’s fyan” tara i m not so keen abt her but have 2 say those tan skin is lush.. hahaa!!..

  4. Well to be honest she is a slut and a gold digger..:@ married to old guy and hits on young guys Simple!!! that’s her that’s Rekha thapa…

  5. che che che testo pani herion personalty of actress with her..always trying to expose her skin only by wearing shorts….she is trying to be sexy by showing her unwanted body part….cheeeeeeeeeee

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