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Dipesh Lama
I’m a music lover with a huge passion for singing. Having started by singing career since my school life when I was in class 6, I also took part in many school functions which helped me to build my confidence level. College life was really fun and I used to take part in almost all college events. My colleagues were so encouraging, that really helped me to participate in NEPALI TARA 2. Among all 14,000 contestants from all over Nepal I managed to reach up to the TOP 13. It was my bad luck that my illness led to a poor performance hence I couldn’t further in the competition. I also took part in another competition called BAND VASKER, my band was able to reach up to the TOP 4. The management team of the show could not take the show further hence the show stopped.
I have performed in many national and inaternational shows in Dubai, Qatar, India and UK. Id this show goes in my favour and if I win it, it will definitely help lift my singing career.

Here we have a pakka Nepali thito! The daura suruwal look’s awesome, and what do you think about his singing of Birta Ko Chino and Maya ko bato? Likey??

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