Yeti Airlines Versus Buddha Air

Ooo!!! Don’t you love a bit of healthy competition. Now I don’t quite know which airline published their advertisement first but both airlines got their chance to get it off their chest on a national Nepali newspaper. Above is Yeti Airlines poking fun at Buddha Air’s ATR fleet. Buddha Air is the only Nepali airline which operates the ATR fleet that can fly 60+ passengers at once. 
Now getting back at Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air posted a fancy ad campaign informing their customers the ‘facts’ of the airline; bigger is better. Says it all. It’s quite entertaining to observe, both airlines are good for their own reasons. Yeti flies to more rural destinations and has a wide destination reach whilst Buddha Air always believes in quality and has well managed and newly acquired aircrafts. Buddha Air was also the only Nepali airline that hadn’t suffered any crashes till last year. 
Which airline do you prefer? Buddha Air or Yeti? State beLOW!

Photo shared by Resh Shrestha on ‘Love For Aviation in Nepal’

Lex Limbu
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  1. Buddha Air has horrible ground staffs and very unhelpful and unfriendly staffs in their counters and offices. Yeti’s staffs are very friendly, always willing to help and as for me, they have always accommodated me in different flight if i missed or turned up late for my flights and takes your requests on board. Buddha’s people simply treat you like any other client but yeti treats you as their special client always.

  2. Being a frequent flyer on the KTM-BRT route, I can tell you without any prejudice and bias that I prefer YETI anyday, anytime, hands down and no-brainer. WHY? Number ONE : Its ALWAYS ON TIME. I have been flying for more than 5 years, week -in -out, and I have hardly experienced any delays in Yeti as opposed to the inevitable and obvious delays by Buddha. Number TWO : YETI IS FASTER. There have been many times when I took a flight of YETI thats half an hour behind Buddha…or that of Buddha half an hour ahead of Yeti. Now guess which Airline has always landed faster? No points for guessing – YETI. Number THREE: YETI SERVES COFFEE during Winters. Number FOUR: Yeti’s staffs are much more pleasant, nicer, and cooperative than Buddha’s. Number FIVE: YETI HAS PRETTIER AND POLITE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS.

  3. I am a flight attendant of Buddha Air and I have something to say…

    I also laughed when I saw these advertisements

    I agree that Buddha Air flights are mostly delayed… The main reason is due to its different types of aircrafts and its flight schedule… When a flight is delayed either due to weather or due to air traffic.. although the aircraft is available you cannot send a ATR 72 seater aircraft with only 18 passengers and second it cannot go to the sectors which have short runway… Where Yeti Airlines has 7 Jet streams of 30 seats… if the flight is delayed you can send the available aircrafts… when Buddha Air had only Beechcrafts, it uesd to be on time flyer…

    And for the aircraft flying to remote areas with STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) airports like Lukla, Phaplu, Lamidanda, Rumjatar and Simikot it has twin otter aircraft and the main thing is LUKLA lights are always given preference even by the ATC( Air Traffic Controller) So Buddha Air has to wait for all the Lukla Flights to Depart first in the morning flights… And when a flight is delayed in ATR its difficult to operate the flights on time…

    Talking about Buddha Air staffs… Maybe there are some people who need special classes to maintain their discipline and manners, but it doesn’t mean that Buddha Air has horrible staffs…

    And talking about the winter time… YES Buddha Air services soft drinks even in winter… thats the weak point.. but we have requested the management several times about this… We also dont feel good to serve soft drinks in winter.. we also want to see a sigh of satisfaction in our passengers face..

    And you know Beauty Lies in The Eye of Beholder… So no comments for that… But I have to say one thing that is I have never been rude to any of our passengers till the date….

  4. BUDDHA AIR! We were all set to go to my mama’s marriage at ktm from chitwan and we had booked tickets for yeti airlines. It was slightly raining at that time and we were told that yeti airline’s plane doesn’t have the capacity to fly in such condition while all the Budhha air flights were taking off. At last we had to go by bus and were late. It was one of the saddest moment of my life and also the last time I used Yeti air.

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