Miss Nepal US Press Meet

Miss Nepal USA 2011 – Sujita Basnet
Miss Nepal USA Sujita Basnet, 1st Runner Up Tilasmi Basnet, 2nd Runner Up Nabina Basnet
Sarah Gurung with Nabina and friend
Host Jolly Amatya

 A press meet was held to announce Miss Nepal US 2012 on the 3rd of March in Baltimore. The event which had the presence of the winners of the first Miss Nepal USA 2011 announced several changes including the title changing from Miss Nepal USA to Miss Nepal US. The new committee will also include former Miss Nepal Sarah Gurung Tetsuka! Aside from the gorgeous Sarah the team consists of several figures affiliated with online media and budding event entrepreneurs. And the final announcement – the pageant will take place in Washington DC on 11th of August.

PS. Let’s hope there won’t be any last minute drop-out incidents like last year! (Gauri Malla Miss Nepal USA)

Photo: NepalHorizons

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  1. It is a great work for them to be putting up platforms like this.However,given the fact that it is a big event and holds a big title,it should have been much much more organised than how it was last year.Hopefully they have learned from their flaws and will put up a better one this time.The delay in the program to the mismanagement altogether was a big dismay.

    If you see some of the auditions,you will notice how rudely Gauri Malla reacts to some of the contestants for not replying to her in Nepali! I know a lot of friends and family who were brought to US when they were very young and they are not as fluent in Nepali as they are in English.If they are confident speaking in English,then the contestants should be given the freedom to use the kind of language they want to.

    Anyway,it was a great step but honestly,they could have done it in a better way.I know its easy to say ,but trust me ,I am saying all this because I know they could have.

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