18 Year Old Boy Gang-Raped!!

This is just WRONG.

An 18 year old boy was gang-raped by four youths in his own house on Thursday evening. This misfortunate incident took place in Amlekhgunj, Bara at the boys own home when no one else was present. It is believed that a known person from the surrounding community was involved in the act which left the 18 year old unconscious.

It’s been reported that he tried taking his own life on Friday evening. The police have arrested six youths based on the complaint which the victim made. Those that have been arrested:


Just wrong. Punishment by the police need to be tougher and it shouldn’t be so easy for the culprits to go on bail. Urghhh, I am confident that those involved in the act will probably show few thousand rupees and walk freely. Shucks!

Source- Republica
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    • Woah the comment above is it a girl or a boy.? either way i’m sure you’ll find lots of volunteers to do you..

  1. fuck who-so-ever…..what is wrong with the spelling…SHUCKS is to express disappointment, and/or used in reaction to an unfortunate event. So Mr. A STFU….

  2. WAAH ! no wonder desh agadi badeko chaina. we are talking about a very serious issue here yet some ignorant homophobic wanker manages to divert the subject towards the writer? waah waah! Wake up kids! open your eyes and look at the world around you. you clearly are living in the stone age.

  3. Dear Spelling Nazi,
    Although you seem to have a good grasp of knowledge where simple spellings are concerned, you obviously need some more lessons on words of expressions.

    1. To express disappointment, and/or used in reaction to an unfortunate event.
    2. Used in reaction to flattery/compliment(s).
    Oh shucks, we’ve run out of milk! (Urban Dictionary)

    As for the issue concerned, it’s sad that these things happen. However thank you Lex for bringing up the matter. Hopefully the guy will be able to forget this and move forward in life. It’s very unfortunate that he tried to take his own life:(.

  4. Majority of rape cases involve girls as victims but their stories are just shrugged away. Funny how this piece of news has been highlighted just because a guy got raped.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for the boy but then again I believe every rape victim would feel suicidal. Imagine what the girls have to face; pregnancy, social negligence and all.

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